trading/ selling info

trading info
• i package using a toploader and a penny sleeve when i have them, if you package another way lmk
• i send out of my grocery stores mail counter so i send receipt proof instead of mailbox proof
• i am a minor so if i feel uncomfortable i will back out so don’t feel offended by it
• i am a boy group stan so if you feel uncomfortable about it feel free to back out at any point
• my page is a safe place for everyone
• i am a full time student so if i say i am going to send out on a certain day but don’t please don’t be upset
•must have 10 proofs or i will ask you to send out first, if you feel offended by this then i will cancel the trade

selling info
•payment is due within the first 2 days of interest in item, if you want to put it on hold lmk and we can figure something out
•same as trading i package with a penny sleeve and toploader
•i send out of my grocery store/ post office counter so i have only receipt proof, if you are uncomfortable with that please don’t buy from me
•tell me if you aren’t interested in the product anymore just tell me, i won’t get upset unless it has been packaged and about to get sent out
•if you buy multiple items they will be packaged together in a single toploader tell me if you want the items in deprecate toploaders so the items won’t get damaged