I love you girlie

Here’s a reference to look at when you need love, humor, or just some happiness

Hi I made this website for my beautiful best friend Haylee for when she needs a little love, laughter, self esteem, or just overall happiness when your feeling shitty!

Just remember to respect yourself As much as you respect others

You are the kindest human being I know- I mean really. You would give yourself up over and over for anyone- but you need to realize that you have two hands- one for helping yourself one for helping others..

Fun Fact

Here’s a fun fact to here whenever you’re sad, sad, or scared.

Samoyeds or a breed of white fluffy dogs that were bred as warmer dogs to keep their owners warm and harsh, cold climates so basically the whole purpose At least dogs life is to cuddle you and love you. I’m your Samoyed- Let’s be honest I Chew, bark, and bite a lot less.

Respect your damn body

Here’s why your body deserves your respect…

Your body loves you so much… your cells are constantly regenerating for you no matter how difficult it may be for them, your heart pumps for you to allow you to dance and sing and just move, your nervous system allows you to feel things like cuddles or somebody playing with your hair, your muscles again allow you to move freely, your ears let you to listen to the music that you love.. Everything that your body does for you as a labor of love whether you realize it or not. Your body struggles constantly just to make sure that you thrive and succeed. It loves you so much- so don’t let it work be in vain- it’s time you start loving it back. It does all of this for you and it comes in a pretty sweet packaging.