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Hello and welcome to His&Hers Health ☆
My name is Lily and I’m 20 years old. I began my health journey in March 2019 and continue to grow and achieve my goals till this day!

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My Health Journey

Once upon a time...

Ever since I was 13 years old I’ve always had oily/acne prone skin and all through my teenage years it was blamed on make up and age which are fair points but I stopped wear make up which did nothing ...

I started to become self conscious and some of the cystic acne were so painful it hurt to smile!😞 I tried drug store treatments, creams, serums the lot! To weird “hacks” I found on the internet from slapping toothpaste or perfume on my face which causes scarring to putting boiling hot clothes on my face! 😩 in the end I went to the doctors but treatment wasn’t cheap and one of the steroid creams actually bleached all my bedding and towels I WAS PUTTING THAT ON MY FACE!!!!

Just as I was loosing hope and trying to come to terms with I’m going to have scarring and acne on my face forever... someone reached out to me (she’s now my upline🥰) and I took the leap and tried premium capsules with omegas... I saw results within 2 weeks I honestly cried down the phone to my upline and a year later we still get emotional together about how far I’ve come!——— Now that I have my skin under control I still find goals to smash from toning up, building a booty and other healthy challenges including going vegan

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Opportunity of a life time

From 16 years old I’ve been working to earn some money, I thought that’s all life was about... working until you drop!

As soon as I turned 18 I got my first full time job and loved it at the start, I made lots of friends and was clubbing every weekend AMAZING RIGHT —— w r o n g

I turned 20 and after being refused a pay rise above £7 an hour I was running out of options and living in a small town meant I was limited to jobs

I started this business in March 2019 and used it just as an extra £200 for the weekend and treating myself but as time went by it hit me that I don’t drive - I can’t afford rent alone - I can’t live for the weekend forever and importantly I have NOTHING to show except some drunk photos of me and debt

I started taking the business more seriously and began crushing my goals and feeling great! I now earn a full time wage posting my journey online and helping other gain confidence while smashing their goals

If this is something you want to do? What have you got to lose...

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