my account

here are somethings about my account

About my account:
- i try be positive
- i love all my fans
- i’m grateful for everything i have
- if you hate of me i don’t really care
- i hope to make better themes
- i love you <3

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my accounts

these are the only accounts i own

- @linasunkies
- @veliqxs
- @charsvandal
- @uwuanqel
that’s it for now!

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fonts i have

here are some fonts!

-Autumn Chant
-Better together
-Chasing Embers
-Cute notes
-DJB Doodles
-Futurist fixed
-Garlic salt extras
-Goldie Boxing
-Good Mood
-Happy Christmas
-Heart warming
-Hello honey
-Hug me tight
-I love glitter
-Internet friends
-Jingle binder
-Kg corner of the Sky
-Kg Chasing Cars
-Kg Flavour and Frames
-Kind heart
-Lemon Milk Regular
-Lie to me
-Letters for Learners
-Mango Salsa
-Mermaid Bold
-Moms Diner
-Nature Pro
-Paper Flowers
-Pumpkin Story
-Pumpkin Cheesecake
-Refresh bonus
-Refresh Regular
-Sleep night
-Space kids
-Stanberry Regular
-Sunday Best
-Summer coast
-Walkaway bonus

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about me

get to know the owner of this account

hi i’m angelina! here are some facts about me:
- i’m 13
- i’m in year 8
- i suffer from bulimia
- my uncle also suffers from it
- i have a younger brother called oliver he’s only 5
- i live in the uk
- my main besties (irl) are sophie,niamh,jenna and holly
- i have known sophie for 10 years
- my main bestie (ibf) is lola!
- i’m single but i have my crushes so yk lopez brothers don’t groom me
- i’m looking for another ibf or maybe a gc

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linasunkies colouring tut and font pack

colouring tut and font pack

App: 24FPS
the qr code is on the next slide!

App: Prequel
Exposure : -16
Contrast: -25
Highlights: -50
Shadows: -100
Blur: +30
Dust: +100
Filter: +20
Dispersion: +0

theme fonts:

App: Vont
Mountains - mountain
Lovtony letter S - Squiggle
Lemon milk medium- Main text
Cheeky rabbit - username

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24fps qr code

red flavor code