just someone who's trying to figure out her life 👉👈

hi i'm linda & this is where you can find all of my links, socials, & me on the daily 🖤

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my name is linda, ling, boney, babe-all of the above ♡
a small town girl born & raised in spartanburg, south carolina
21 on august 12th
an esthetician slash lash artist
& a #bossbabe in the making ☆

Let's Talk It Out!

Relationship problems? Friendships? Self mentor? Being a boss babe? All of the above!

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Catch all the details about my life & what I do on here ☆

a brand that I know you'll love

who doesn't love a rustic, chic, and trendy boutique that sells everything from apparels, accessories to shoes!

☆ a shop that I own & loveeee
☆ a shop that makes 18K/24K gold filled jewelries
☆ a shop that caters to those who loves a rustic glam, chic & modern look
☆ and lastly, a shop that is just so darn cute for everyday wear

Butterflies & more butterflies...

the one thing that you can't get anywhere else for the price are the butterflies 🦋

♡ 18K polished gold plated
♡ pearl, acrylic, pewter
♡ & they come in different colors!

shoes shoes shoes

Every pair of shoes that you need is here and they're affordable!

Check out the 2 for $20! WHAT A STEAL!

clothes & plus sizes

I mean just let the clothes speak for themselves 😉
our goal is to be able to start offering plus sizes for you bomb babes!

an amazing team

here at stella moon, we have an amazing team behind our brand.
we are constantly looking for the newest products to show you and your fellow friends
we do collabs with other brands & organizations


we are more than a simple boutique
we are a community of empowered ladies doing #biggirl things
we want to be able to give back to the public through fundraisers, giveaways, collabs, and partnerships!
we are all #stellas in the making and you can be too!

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feel free to message me on any of my social media to collab or just to talk ♡ for inquiries or collab

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