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Hi guys,

Thought I would share a
little about me.

I am Linda Cates-Wilson a mum of two gorgeous teenagers which are growing up fast and moving on with their lives.

My reason why I joined this amazing business goes back to COVID last year. The first time the city stopped over here in Western Australia.

I was working as a relief Special Needs Education Assistant. A job that I absolutely love but sadly when we got locked down my work disappeared. If the schools aren’t opening their doors there was no work for me. To top it off my husbands job disappeared as well. Double whammy. Life moves on and new jobs come along but we were left with that insecure feeling of the what if that happens again?!

One day I was looking at Facebook and this incredible business opportunity was presented in front of me. I didn’t quite know what it was all about but I knew I wanted more information.

I was so intrigued and inspired by these amazing people living their lives with so much enjoyment, time freedom and passion. They had a fire in their souls that lit them up and I wanted that in my life.

I jumped and I jumped in fast!!

Aligning myself along side this incredible company that has been a success for the last 47 years which gives me the confidence and security that they are here to stay.

A company that is all about building a better, safer world for generations to come aligns 100% with my soul.

The commission offered on these high ticket products is amazing and doesn’t compare to low ticket items. Starting point is $350 - $4500 or more per sale. That’s one sale. Mind blowing!

So that’s enough about me.

If this lights a little fire in you,
check out the links on my next page and I’ll chat to you soon.