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Chicken soup is good for the soul

This is the best

Lindsey’s instapot chicken Noodle soup

I large whole chicken ( over 5 pounds ,Trader Joe’s has big chickens
3 yellow onions peeled and quartered (sweet)
A half bag of small carrots ( more carrots make it sweeter )
2 big pinches of salt
Better than boullion chicken
Egg noodles dry or frozen cooked according to instructions

🔥🔥🔥 you can add herbs when reheating or in the second phase of cooking - this is for a traditional broth that can be used for all other chicken broth based recipes !!)

Step 1:


Make sure to check your chicken ( may have the giblets) I use the bone but not the giblets
Put the chicken in the instapot
Put in the 3 onions quartered
Put in the carrots
Put in the pinches of salt
Dissolve 1-2 tbls of the chicken bouillon in warm water about 16 ounces and use a whisk to dissolve, pour over the chicken and then add more water to cover the chicken right below the liquid line of the instapot.

🔥🔥🔥this is important if your chicken is not overwhelmingly fatty as most are not if they are organic. This will help make a rich broth.

Put the lid on and turn to soup or high pressure and cook for 50 minutes.
When finished, I use the quick pressure release to release pressure
Remove the chicken and put in a heat safe bowl
Separate the carrots, throw out the onions
When room temp debone the chicken *****


🔥🔥🔥🔥This is important if you want crazy, amazing strong broth, it is also optional

I throw all the bones back in the broth I taste the broth -If I think it needs more salt or more flavor I dissolve another tbls boullion in 16 ounces of water and add probably 20-32 more ounces depending on the pot
Turn the dial to soup or high pressure and cook for another 20 minutes
Release pressure once again, wait until not steaming remove all the veggies and bones, throw out all the bones and either strain through cheesecloth or a colander
Serve with egg noodles cooked separately, pieces of chicken shredded or cut in pieces and the carrots sliced
When I serve I reheat with noodles and chicken in the broth broth- when I freeze I strain the broth and make sure it has no vegetables or chicken in it

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