Fun freedom and friendships are at the touch of your fingertips

Hi and Welcome to my page. I’m linnea and here’s a little more about me. I have been in retail for 24 years and currently I am a district manager for one of the top retailer clothing companies in the world. I am also a beauty advisor. I love animals as I have two fur babies and I love to travel. Some of my favorite travel spots have been Mexico, Sweden and Dominican Republic. I love anywhere sunny where I can catch that tan.
I am most known for developing a legacy of leaders who have escalated their careers to places they didn’t think possible while having an amazing fun time doing it. Work should always be fun and encouraging one another. There’s enough room for everyone at the top.
In my day-to-day job I have reached the top receiving many awards for all the companies I’ve worked for. I have promoted people to their dream careers and I’m not finished yet. I’ve had success because I care about the people who work with me and I do whatever I can to help.
My beauty advisor business is freedom to work from anywhere and selling vegan/organic product that keeps you looking and feeling young, healthy and beautiful. If you think you can’t do the same I encourage you to reach out so you don’t miss an opportunity. We could work together from anywhere. Make a great income at your fingertips. Build a beautiful encouraging community that supports each other. We can rise to the top doing what we love.
Let me teach you how! If you want to keep your current job and do this as your secondary income. Great! If you want to do this as your primary career. Great! The power is up to you. You just have to make the first move. You have nothing to lose.
Send me a DM and I’m happy to help!