Hi Friends! —

I’m Lindsey! Dog Mom of two Golden Retrievers. (Cooper & Jingle Bells) Lover of all things Christmas and Hockey. Focused on wellness and helping others.

My wellness journey started in 2019 after suffering from severe migraines for 3 years. I saw so many doctors who tried so many medications but nothing ever worked for me. It got to the point doctors didn’t know what else to try because I had tried it all. After researching for a long time I started learning about the chemicals in everyday products I was using. Including the products I thought were safe or all natural etc because it said it on a bottle but were not. Once I learned this the search was on for something better. I didn’t know If switching out the products would make a difference but I was desperate to find something that would help my migraines. Little did I know 12 oils and a bundle of all natural products would literally change my life for the better. Making the switch was the best decision I ever made for my family and I.

In August of 2019 I purchased the oil premium starter kit and then purchased the Thieves starter kit in September of 2019. We slowly one room at a time ditched the chemicals and switched to natural alternatives from Young Living. This was hard for me for some things. I was the girl who loved the mall stores with the cute foaming hand soaps, hand sanitizers in the cute cases, perfumes, candles, and Semi Annual sales. You know the stores I’m referring to! Girl, let me tell you it’s so not worth the toxic chemicals. I feel your pain but toss that in the trash. It can be replaced with cute all natural options that won’t cause skin irrational, breathing issues, and headaches or potentially cancer causing (No thank you.) etc.

After eliminating those toxic products from my life my migraines are so much better. I found out that the “fragrance” in products was a cause for my migraines. Little did I know that when you see “fragrance” listed on a bottle that it’s a combination of thousands of chemical ingredients. It’s no wonder I had issues. This is my story which started my search for something better for my family and I. I would love to hear yours!

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here. Whether you're wanting to toss toxic products and focus on a non-toxic lifestyle or you want to be a Boss and build your own business, there’s room at the table for you! This community of people and team that you will be a part of becomes family! I would love to do this journey with you!

Xoxo- Lindsey 💕

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