Lionhearts Healing

Embodying Freedom


The divine in me honours the divine in you.

It feels like times are getting more and more confusing. We get lost, we get found but there is no finish line. This life and this world but especially our own potential and inner wisdom hold many precious gifts for us as we create the space to receive them to work with ever-present changes and challenges.

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United in Uniquity

I am Leo. I work as a Psychologist (M. Sc.), Yoga Teacher and Life Coach.

Raised by hippie punk parents, I was told to question inequalities und unfairness from an early age on. So, throughout childhood, adolescene and my studies, I was puzzled by how our empathy for ourselves, each other and our living environment was discouraged to favour competition over coexisting and cooperation.

I tried to fit into systems that I was not cut out for, neglecting my actual needs and principles. This left me depressed to a point where I could no longer pretend. I learned that for myself to be fulfilled, I needed to change my way of living, even if that meant stepping over my own and other's conventions and expectations.

Luckily, breakdowns can often turn into breakthroughs, so, it gave me the chance to create myself and my mindset in line with my actual values and ideas. Of course, I still get tangled up, I stumble, I fall. However, I get up, going for what I want — on some days with smaller steps, on some days with bigger steps, but I know the path I want to wander on.

On my ongoing journey through the jungle of life's variety I want to explore and share with you different ways to find your truth and feel more alive and connected to what you do.

I truly believe in increasing individual and social potential by extending our love and kindness to all beings, hence creating more freedom to flourish for ourselves and the world we live in.