Hi Friend! Nice to meet ya!

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is HOV.... h to the izzo... v to the (ok sorry, Alexa power off).

My name is Lisa and I like to support and encourage women to make themselves a priority in hopes they will start believing how incredibly important they are.

Let’s rewind to about 5 years ago... I was 28ish, in a long term relationship (of about 12 years) that was coming to an end, decided to quit smoking and go back to school to become and X-ray tech.

I was about 15 lbs overweight and was petrified of gaining more after I ditched the cigarettes. After following a girl on social media for months, I came across her transformation picture and messaged her. She told me about these home workouts she did and very reluctantly I signed up.

Now before this I was an avid gym goer. I loved the gym but was completely lost when I was there. I would go on the elliptical for about 30 minutes, maybe use a few of the machines and call it a day.

When I dove into the home workouts I went all in. I followed a simple meal plan that was provided and scheduled my 30 minutes of exercise every morning before I left for school. I would then have clinical hours I had to get in and work a full time job.

I didn’t look at this as an added stress. I was using it as a healthy distraction of what was going on in my personal relationship. I started to find out who I was. I started to find Lisa. As time went on I felt more confident, more aware, and started listening to that inner voice that was telling me I was worth it. I felt GOOD physically and mentally.

I don’t think anyone fully understands this process until you go through it. I don’t think anyone fully understands the power of community until you join us. The feeling of a non judgmental group of women who are actually rooting for one another instead of putting each other down.

So today? Today I invite you to jump in with us. Today I invite you to start putting yourself first and to start falling in love with the journey of becoming the best version of you.

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