Hey Y'all....Lisa here!

I'm 35 years old and born & raised in good Ol' North Carolina. Yes, Y'ALL is apart of my vocabulary!😂 I am a wife, boy mama, and a boss babe with a wonderful tribe of ladies!

I have the most hard working husband I know who does so much to provide for our family. We are a 4 generation farm family that grows produce. My husband has been doing this with his family since the age of 4. I on the other hand knew nothing about farming, but grew up in the country. When we met I had a lot to learn. I went to school for Early Education and graduated with an Early Childhood degree, which led me to the preschool classroom where I taught for 10 years. We got married, built a house, then I decided to quit teaching and be full time farmers wife. My husband farms and I do the retail side of things. It works!

But I often found myself wanting MORE. Its great to work with family, be a boss, and create your own schedule. But I needed something to call my own. Something separate from the farming, teaching, and motherhood. Thats when after 2 years of using some ahhmazing health & wellness products I decided.....this was for me!

On a major whem I put my fear aside for a few seconds and joined! March 23, 2020. A date I will TRUELY treasure...because I went out of my comfort zone and challenged myself.

So what I'm saying to you is put your guard down and stop letting fear decide how you are going to make your dreams happen. This business will give you the freedom, the time, guidance, a tribe of hard working ladies, and the opportunity to earn an income and do more for yourself & your family. Whether its debt, bills, gas, groceries, fun money, vacay money, whatever it may be....this business can help build your DREAMS.

Let's change your life for the better! I'm here to help every step of the way! 💕