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I’m Lisa! It’s a pleasure to “meet” you 🤩 I’m honored you’ve clicked my link and you’re curious to know more about me and what I do! I am a mother of two, originally from Hawai’i but I now reside in Colorado. I am a full time travel photographer- I specialize in couples and elopements but I love capturing memories for all your occasions!

I am also a PROUD ambassador for an amaaaaazing health & wellness company that also specializes in financial advising services.

If you’re ready to book a session and make some magic or learn how the power of plants can change your life… I’m ready to help!

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Yes, I can freeze time.

Power of plants 🌱

There IS a better way to manage your mental & physical health…

If you have found yourself struggling to accept certain methods of treatment for your health & wellness issues as well as worrying about safe alternatives to manage your pain, I am here to 𝒉𝒆𝒎𝒑 you!

🌱 The power of plants has never been stronger & seeking education for yourself can be daunting! Rest assured that you aren’t alone in your quest to find the right line up!!

Being backed by science & incredible professional testimonies— we strive to help you find methods within the hemp & CBD world that alleviate the dependence on unwanted prescriptions or treatments. Remember, we aren’t here to cure or prevent illnesses… instead we help to manage!

If you are interested in learning what options may help you, please click the link below!