Our pets are more than just pets …

They are our children.
They are our friends.
They greet us after a long day of work.
They comfort us during bad days and hype us during the happy ones.
Sadly our precious fur babies can’t be with us as long as we would like to but there is a way to remember them forever.
A photoshoot and art piece.

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Studio Photoshoot $80

• 10 images
• ONLY 1 pet
• 1 hour (including set up time)
• location: your home

Studio Photography $120

• 15 images
• can be more than 1 pet (no pawrents)
• 1.5 hour (including set up time)
• location: your home

Entire Family Photography $220

this one is for the entire family (of course must include the fur members)
• 100 images
• 2 hours
• can be any location
• can have as many pets

Commission a Drawing of your Pet

How to …

STEP 1: Choosing the Reference Image

There are two ways of doing this. We can use an image you already own of your pet or we can add a photoshoot.

If you already have a high quality image of your pet, you can directly order an artwork by either emailing me, dm on Instagram or visiting my Etsy shop. You’ll need to send a few high quality images of your pet, that way I can see which one is more suitable for a reference image.

If you don’t own pictures of your dear pet and you would like a photoshoot visit the previous slide where you can add a photography package to your artwork

If you choose to add a photoshoot, we will pick one of the images from the shoot to do the artwork but you’ll still keep the rest of the images


STEP 2: Choosing the size of the artwork.

Picking a size depends not only on desire but also on the amount of subjects. If you have more than 1 pet, you will need to choose between the larger sizes so there is sufficient space on the paper for multiple subjects. Of course you can always choose a larger size for just one pet.

One Subject - ONLY 1 pet

4x4 - $120
4x6 - $130
5x5 - $140
5x7 - $150
8x8 - $160
8x10 - $170

Two Subjects (1-2 pets)

11x14 - $220
12x18 - $240
16x20 - $260

Three Subject (Up to 3 pets)

18x24 - $340
22x28 - $380

**All artwork will be charcoal and graphite on paper framed in a simple poster frame. I do not offer custom framing due to pricing and time involved but if you desire information I can definitely let you know how you can custom frame your artwork***


STEP 3: Deposit

Once the step 1 & 2 is decided, you will pay 25% non refundable deposit.

As soon as the deposit is payed, we will schedule the photoshoot or I will begin working on the artwork if you provided the image.

Photoshoot turnaround: 2 weeks
Artwork turnaround: 2 weeks
Free shipping
Free delivery within Phoenix and surrounding cities