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I have been struggling with my weight my whole life, always in the extremes but never in balance. I have been criticized for being too thin or too fat. And in any of the extremes, I was not happy nor confident with my body. For many years, even my perception of success went around my weight. I struggled with the idea that people only celebrated me and admired me for reaching my weight goals. However, every time I reached my healthy weight, I did not feel confident but afraid because my results never last long.

After many struggles to maintain my ”perfect” weight, I have always been walking in fear of gaining the weight back and fail again and again.
And... Of course, what you believe you become.
So here I am! At 47, all the weight is back again. Nevertheless, today I am different... Why?

During my last job, I realized that I was gaining weight not from bad eating habits but stress and emotional imbalance. I worked in a wellness company, and I was afraid of losing my job for not being able to keep my healthy weight. It was too much heaviness over my shoulders. When I hit size 18, that day came after all. I lost my job.

I was devastated. That day I decided that my weight would not define my aptitude, success, and self-love anymore. I decided to start a new journey of accomplishments, prosperity, and abundance, opening new opportunities with a clearer vision—the vision of not having to put my success or my value in anyone but myself. Consequently, it arised the call of helping others to be authentic, feel valued, and emotionally healthy while living for a purpose and not for the approval of others.

My mission is to help people like me to gain confidence and balance through embracing who they are. I learned that it was never because of the weight but about self-balance and self-appreciation.

People look better and are healthier when they find balance when they embrace self-love, connect with nature, and recognize their energy. When we are emotionally healthy, we present ourselves to others in a way that we shine. People feel more attractive and walk with a winner attitude in any room. Yes! When people feel emotionally healthy, they feel beautiful and confident, and they are unstoppable.

I want to help people feel empowered and be brave to share their stories as well so they help others feel the same way.

With the right combination, you can have a positive attitude, believing that you already have everything you need to reach your dreams. It does not matter your weight or background. We all have that spark of talents and values to share with others. Let's be like the bees that spread pollen to every flower, helping the world find its balance. Let’s be a Spark of inspiration around the world; together, we can change it for the better.

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