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Welcome to my baking website!

I'm Lita and this is my baking page. Here you'll be able to find some of my favorite recipes, signature bakes, and more. I started this to consolidate my recipes and pictures in a fun way, but I hope to one day do more with it.

I do occasional online and in-person bake sales, so keep your eye open! Baking is a great passion of mine, and I love to share it with others. Follow my journey :)

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Below are some crowd favorites from over the years!!

Cake pops!

These are definitely a fan favorite for any occasion! Inspired by Starbucks (though I still indulge in theirs from time to time), these are quickly becoming one of my most requested treats!

French Macarons

These are quite difficult to make, so beware and be careful! I have found that the key to these is in the minimal yet thorough folding of the batter and allowing them enough time to set. After they're cooled, sometimes I like to fill them with a simple vanilla buttercream. The video link below is what I based the recipe off of when I first started out.

Fortune Cookies

I first made these as a little token of appreciation for a friend. Take your own personal spin with hand-crafted fortunes and your choice of food coloring!

Molasses Cookies

These little balls of goodness are great during the holiday season, or to satisfy your sweet tooth during any point of the year. I like to add a couple teaspoons of allspice to the dough and dip them in vanilla icing after their done in the oven to give them that gingerbread feel. A great Christmas classic!

Peanut Butter Blossoms

These are a classic. I first heard about them from my Aunt Kristina and decided to recreate them because my mom loved them so much. While I was at University, I sent them in a little care package to my mom for Mother's Day.

Fruit Tarts

For this recipe, I like to combine the shortbread and cream cheese filling recipe. Great as either a large tart or mini tarts, you can top this with your favorite berries and serve fresh or cold. Perfect for summer!

The Family Secrets

Take a peek at some of my family's famous food stuffs passed down from generation to generation (recipes not included, sorry!) Included are Thanksgiving and Christmas eats and treats that we make together every year, and also some other goodies that are written into in Wright-Edwards family cookbooks. Enjoy!!

Apple Pie

My Auntie Linda taught me how to make this one, and her mom taught her how to make it. She makes them every year when we're together during the holiday season. It's one of my personal favorites, warm and topped with some chilled vanilla ice cream. Yummy :)

German Chocolate Cake

This one's my mom's favorites. My grandma used to always make a dessert of their choice on each of her children's birthdays, and you can guess what my mom requested!

Cream Cheese Pie

THIS is an absolute family favorite. No matter who we are with during the holidays, this is a requirement. If you like cheesecake, you will love this even more. It's written into my grandma's cookbook, passed down from her mother and now to me.