My self.

“Nothing is easy, life is not always rosy but live for us and don't let anyone stand in our way.”

Hello, my friends!
How’s it going? Personally, it’s okay.

I introduce myself! My name is Eliott Maiestas Caelestis Venom, I am currently 18 and forever! I am finally an angel, an archangel! My initial name was Azraël rather than Eliott but my nickname took over and I only identify with him. For the more knowledgeable you will understand I am the angel of death.

But other than that I am a young disabled unfortunately by a punishment of my father, but I live with it and that’s how I can’t help it (You can read my guide on my account "Terrible Angel"). I was a student in a classical music school, I had to prostitute myself to live and then just be a stripper and I liked it but now I’m a pastry chef, this being my second dream being to be a violin and singing star but this is impossible. And I love a lot of things that seem foreign like my fantasies is weird and weird..

I have a lover and his name is Blake! My God, he is so sweet that I never want to let him go! I found my family with him! We’re gonna have four kids in all.
I have a best friend named Keith! He’s amazing I love him so much. I also have a little doudou kitten called Aiko and he is so cute but a huge pervert finished... Don’t tell him I said it he’ll tell me I’m the same... And lots of other friends I love all my friends! And also an extraordinary friend called Taehyung is a sugar it is so sweet and kind that I never want to lose it!
I have two amazing dad I’m so glad to have them like Papa Ishmael and Cleon.

Otherwise in everyday life I am but very open and especially the thighs... Blake likes it. Don’t judge me, I like to take and deep I am his vanilla slutty or in French his vanilla slut! And I assume it. Anyway... I talk a little too much...!

Getting back to the point, so my name is Éliott, I’m 18, I’m 158 cm tall and I weigh about 37 kilos or less.

I’m done, I think, kisses!


Come and watch videos related to the "princess_.vanilla" account or just for the fun.

[] Me And Your Broken Heart.