Hey There!

I’m Katelyn

I have a servants heart and a passionate desire to see the people in my life succeed. I’m an advocate, a helper and a leader but an extreme introvert by nature - learning to live life outside of my comfort zone. I hate talking about myself so even making this website is beyond my normal limits. Lol.

I love my savior, my church and my beautiful family. I’m a wife to my high school crush with ten wonderful years of marriage already behind us. The momma to three littles - two crazy toddler boys and a sweet baby girl. My first born gave me the title of “special needs momma” with his beautiful extra chromosome - and with that came a fierceness in my soul to shout his worth to the world.

My favorite passage is Proverbs 31 (as cliché as one might think that is for a woman to pick)  I’m in love with this passage because it’s the woman I strive to be. Full of grace, working diligently, serving others. Hard work is never something I’ve shied away from - I’m a stay at home momma, pastors wife, special needs advocate, photographer, and shampoo slinger. All those titles hold so much purpose and meaning in my life. There are two in particular I want to dive more deeper into here with you all...

What you’ll find a lot of on my page..


Even though I love all my children so much that my heart hurts; you’ll most likely notice I talk a little bit more about Vaughn. I do this because in our world today people STILL see children with Down Syndrome as less than. I shout his worth, I talk about the sanctity of life, and I’m NOT ashamed of it. If one momma decides to keep her baby with Down Syndrome in her womb because we were bold enough to share our story - I’d say that’s a great reason to share.

Even though I’m very careful to express...

Ability ≠ Worth

We do share a lot about the intense therapy program we do with Vaughn. It’s not about making him “normal” (goodness, I hate that word) - it’s about giving him the best quality of life. God entrusted him to us and everything we work so hard to provide for him helps him communicate more clearly, breathe more efficiently, improve his lung capacity to fight off sickness better, nourishes his body for optimal health, and strengthens his physical capabilities. We work hard for him because we would and already do the same for all our children. One of the biggest blessings I added to my life to help us afford this $20,000+ a year therapy program is my shampoo business...

Why is an extreme introvert sharing about


Because being bold has provided four things for me...

1. The financial capability to give Vaughn this expensive therapy program and many more extra needs.

2. The ability to lead other women on how to fulfill their personal dreams that they haven’t dared to let themselves dream of before.

3. An incredible supportive community of like minded women I never knew I needed and are now completely irreplaceable in my life.

4. Last but not least - hair healthier than I ever imagined. Postpartum hair loss recovered, broken and brittle turned soft and strong, and a scalp that’s no longer over producing oil.

Stick around and you’ll see all the business and the products have to offer because it’s not only changed my life, it’s changed the life of my son’s and all the lovely ladies on my team and the customers in my care.

You just don’t know until you see for yourself what beauty can come of stepping outside your comfort zone. If you can’t tell, I’m quite passionate about helping other women find their untapped potential and achieve that financial freedom. Getting the hair of their dreams is an added bonus. ;-)