Felina Vie

• San Diego Model • Wordsmith • Creative Soul •

There’s a sudden swarm of butterflies, caught up in a daydream, sunset sunlight shining through windows and bouncing gently back upon your face, head thrown back to laugh with an open mouth as salt-soaked hair tickles the small of your back. California has my heart.

I grew up with a love of all things vintage, standing on Tata’s feet as he swayed us to the melodies careening from the phonograph. We would sit in the yard for hours, soaking up the San Diego sun as he pushed me tirelessly on our homemade tire swing until it was time to water the citrus trees, walking barefoot, toes squishing in patches of mud. Beautiful aromas of Mexican spices enveloped you from the moment the door swung open, and Nana swayed in the kitchen, her long skirt and apron following closely behind.

Tradition and culture have always been quintessential staples in my life, and so it makes complete sense that I would find myself becoming involved in subcultures which truly embrace both, and so much more.

Digital Media Marketing Strategist by day, but you can find me first in line at a local estate sale hunting for treasures on the weekend, or scheming over creative projects.

I absolutely love to feel the warm wind and sun on my face on the back of a Harley, en route to a local gastropub, or to a grimy venue for some live music, feeling the vibrations throughout your entire body, likely while sipping something frosty.

Find me by the pool, late July, Zombie in hand, my Frenchie Bean by my side, and flowers in my hair, ready to mix and mingle and plan my next great adventure.