Meet Tigger

A blind cat on a big adventure.

Meet the Family

Here are the incredible women who love me, and keep my food bowl full.

TIFFANY is a social worker, an artist, and full-time cat lady.

ASHLEY is a State Park Ranger, and a lover and protector of all animals!

ALISON is student at UMD studying Animal Science, and is always a great partner for adventure!

My Brothers & Sisters


Martha is the only girl in the house, and she is a diva! The tip of her tail was broken during her time at the shelter, so she’s a bit wobbly on her feet. This lucky queen gets to sleep in mom’s bedroom.


Edgar, and his biological brother Poe, were severely abused as kittens before they came into our care. Now Edgar has a safe and happy place to play with his favorite toys.


Poe is a goofy fella. He has a wonky eye, but he’s loyal and kind, and always greets mom at the door when she comes home!


Fish’s tough guy exterior isn’t fooling anyone! He loves to snuggle, and always looks to mom for reassurance. Fish was thrown from a car window driving down the highway as kitten by some really bad guys. We’re lucky to have him in our family.


Technically this kid’s name is Elvis, but mom lovingly refers to him as “Trash Cat.” He was abandoned as a kitten at the State Park where our mom works, and she took him in. He can be a bully at times, but he has a good heart!


This guy was originally adopted by mom’s parents, but when they could no longer take care of a cat, we added him to our crew! What’s one more, right? Ben is very playful, and a little mischievous, but we’ll keep ‘em!


Our sweet girl Saturn passed away this year. She’s very loved and missed. I hope she’s somewhere watching birds from the window.

Beach Day

Assateague Island National Seashore

Today was my first ever beach adventure! There were so many new smells and sounds, and places to explore. Check out what a great day I had with my moms!

Kite Surfers

When we arrived to the park, we found these kite surfers out on the bay! They seemed to be having fun, but I much preferred my spot on the shore.

Sun Bathing

Mom and I walked along the sandy trails (or rather she carried me) and I found this perfect spot to bask in the warm sun!

First Steps

This was my first time walking on sand! I was skeptical, but couldn’t resist all the fun of exploring near the water.

The Ocean

So far today, we had been exploring on the bay side of Assateague Island, and now it was time for the ocean! It was a little breezy by the ocean, so my moms made me a makeshift sweater from their scarf. I was a tiny burrito on a big beach!