The L Words

"An ex teenage boy mama, an ex sunny island diva, a professional in my own right of immigration law, a wife to a man that never spoke English until this decade and a bloody terrible cook" just a few things that sum me up...

I thought I'd start as most do with the whole 'about me' yada yada, I'm honestly quite to myself not many people know too much about me and most are usually quite taken back with the things I have done, simply because the last decade of my life has been a series of the 'unordinary' 20 something year olds and I would love this to be my place where I write it down, let it all out and use this little blog almost as a burn letter to myself. Something I can share with you all and hopefully give more insight into my life. I adore reading peoples blogs, learning and being inspired through even the basic of things like cleaning I hated cleaning until Mrs Hinch came to the gram and blessed us all with her stories so fingers crossed if I can help, inspire anyone in what I write il be thrilled to pieces.

A few facts are -

Motherhood - I have two boys, Mavi and Arli - my proudest accomplishments. Seven and a half years apart which is mad I know I mean who's idea was it to get one child completely independent almost wiping their own backsides and then start again? But seriously my heart bursts every time I look at them and you will hear endless amounts about each I am sure. Birth story's, travelling long haul with kids...solo, my go to's, school mum life, the daily struggle of dressing boys and everything in between ... unplugged.

Wifestyle - I got married at 19 (I know I know il go into that another time and my god it will be worth it I swear) to a mainland Turkish citizen however we met and lived together in Northern Cyprus which is where I moved to at the tiny age of 17, ditching my dream of becoming a fashion designer half way through my 2nd year of A levels to chase the sunshine and 'island life' (and a complete arsehole too).

Il talk about the island life and my experiences, the people I met, rubbed shoulders with, the lifestyle, the good, bad, bloody fabulous and of course the sheer horror of living on an island that had NOTHING.

I left Cyprus after four years and came back home with nothing but one half filled suitcase and a one year old baby - leaving behind my husband to return to no job, income, and of course no clue how to get my husband to the UK or when I'd even see him again. The topic is so raw for me it was honestly the hardest thing I think il ever go through in life but of course I will share with you all that I know and did in hope that It may one day reach someone who will be going through such a heartbreaking process.

Now and tomorrow - I'm a firm believer in the law of attraction and manifesting everything we desire. Il share my dreams, goals, aspirations, each win and fail il document it all I have no hidden talents but my goal board is something you'd compare to kylie Jenners - kidding ..however there's nothing I love more than seeing others success after a tonne of hard work wether it's career based, fitness based or anything else. Female empowerment will be everywhere on this blog wether it takes us 1 year or 15 let's create the life of our dreams each inspirational quote at a time huns.

Il be back with my first proper post hopefully very soon
LD x

Favourite quote of the week- " anything that just costs money is cheap" - John Steinbeck