Live Aligned & Centred

About Me

Hi I’m Lisa,

A Reiki and Holistic Practitioner, I specialise in supporting women, teens, children and pets through anxiety, stress and depression.

I’m a Mum of two, wife and I have always had a spiritual connection. Over the last few years I felt called to this work, through my own journey connecting with my intuition, meditation and
working through my anxiety and health struggles.

I believe human bodies are incredible and have the power to heal naturally, sometimes we just need a little guidance to start the process.

I can’t wait to help you live aligned and centred. X

Adult Energy Healing Session

Need to relax your mind, body and soul?

Energy Healing results you can expect after your Healing session with me are;
feeling balanced and centred, less stressed and anxious, calmer, freer, less emotional, even lighter as a whole.

Your energy healing goes for about 45mins, Please allow up to 75mins for the whole treatment.

After your session we will go over anything that shows up during your healing.

You will receive a healing oil blend that is infused with healing from your session, this will further deepen your healing process at home after your session with me.

75 mins - $70

Teens Energy Healing Session

Age 13-19

Teens have so much pressure on them these days, they are more stressed and anxious then they should be!

If your teen needs extra support handling stress and anxiety during exams, or with the higher demand of school work load.

Energy Healing is perfect for them!

Results your teen can except to feel after their healing session with me are;
Feeling less stressed and more in control of their emotions, refreshed, rebalanced and relaxed. Clearer minds, more calm and centred.

The healing session will go for about 30-35mins but allow up to 55 mins for the entire session.

Teens will take home a healing infused oil blend, to further deepen their healing process after our session.

55 Mins - $60

Children Energy Healing Session

Babies - 12 years

Is your child/baby cranky, not sleeping well, having tantrums over little things, teething, have colic?

Feeling anxious or stressed ? Not their happy little selves?

They are never to young to receive Energy Healing, It’s even great for babies!

Some results you child/baby may experience after their Healing session with me are; release and rebalance of their emotions, less anxious, better sleep, less moody.

Don’t worry if your child/baby won’t lay down on the healing bed, you can have them on your lap and I can do the Healing while they sit.

Your child will take home an oil healing blend, infused with healing from their session to further their healing process at home.

30 mins - $40

Pets Energy Healing Session

All Pets

Even our fur/feather and scales, babies can receive Energy Healing!

Our pets can’t tell us what is going on inside, but they do get anxious, have immune issues, suffer joint pain.

Some results your pet can receive from Energy Healing sessions with me are; feeling less anxious and stressed, more energy, calmer.

Healing can help them heal faster if they have had surgery or just feeling off.

I am happy to come to you, so your pet feels safe and comfortable in their own environment.

20mins - $35