Hey girlfriend!

Welcome to my crazy life!

I believe in the magic of the universe
& a properly placed F bomb.

My love language is GIF’s.

I am married to a stud of a man, who also happens to be my best friend & biggest cheerleader. We own & operate three oil field companies together!
With that said, please know that I’m not here to tell you marriage is all sunshine and rainbows. But If you’ve been married for longer than 7 minutes, you already know that my friend! I am here to tell you not to settle for a mediocre relationship and to never give up on your hearts true knowing of who you are suppose to be doing life with.

We are parents to two wild ass kids, who keep us in a constant season of chaos and my sanity on the verge of nonexistent. Motherhood isn’t for the weak, that’s for damn sure.

Oh, and....

My purpose in life is to inspire & motivate women to build their physical & mental strength, while teaching them the tools they will need along the way, to help them become everything they were always destined to be!


Life Coaching with Kelly Williams

Hey there woman!

First off, I’m grateful you’re here.
I’m thankful that you clicked on this page and are in search of something more.

Second, I hope you never find exactly what you’re looking for. I hope life continues to endlessly surprise you. To grow you into who you are trying to desperately to become,
your truest - highest - self.

My aspiration for you is that you find your inspiration, not through my words or guidance, but that you find it perfectly tucked away within the deepest part of who you really are. My hope is that, with a little bit of outside perspective, mixed in with motivation to get your ass in gear - that you remember that you’ve always had the potential to step into your bravery, into your greatness - because it is all too easy to forget how bright our light truly is, among the chaos of daily life.

I want to help you crawl out of your darkness and into your life. I want to show you that all that pain and hard that you’ve been walking through, will be the very thing used to fulfill your destiny.

In fact, you never would have been able to achieve your greatness without it. Because every ounce of it has shaped you into who you are right in this very moment, and sis - who you are right this very moment is absolutely flawless.

So, are you ready to dig deep and uncover who you really are? To become everything that life has caused you to dream up? To find & create & radiate your strength through living life on purpose?

As Jen Hatmacker would say,
If it’s not a HELL YES!, then it’s a no.
👇🏼 or ✌🏼