Welcoming Abundance

All natural products

The first step our family took towards being open to more abundance was replacing our household products with all natural products.

At the time we were unsure if it was something we could afford to do...

Fast forward three years and we still are converting over. Our products, our clothes, our towels and bedding. Our food.

And guess what, we haven’t gone broke from it. In fact, we continue to invest in ourselves and the universe always provides.

How Decluttering Attracts Abundance

It might seem crazy, but 100% decluttering will attract abundance. How is this possible?

In my personal experience here’s what I’ve found:

1. Abundance doesn’t refer to money only. Abundance can be opportunities, spiritual gifts, friendships, anything that involves receiving.

2. We began to experience gratitude for the small things we would receive. Small things add up!

3. Going through our items we learned to be decisive and open. This new habit lead us to:
• expanding our visions in life.
• receiving clarity, peace, coping methods for stress
• life lesson of learning to flow through life

4. Reflection:
•Going through our house brought up many memories from trips where we had talked about our hopes and dreams.
•Emotions came up from items from exes and loved ones that had passed.
•Some items triggered suppressed memories.

We often avoid throwing things out, and in return avoid processing and hold onto more than we can handle which leads to us feeling scattered and drained.

5. We learned to identify specific signs for when our energy was scattered and how it was reflected in our home.

6. We realized how often we prolonged decisions. This prolonging affected us outside of our household.

The prolonging of decisions, creates an energetic train of pressure. This train creates scattered minds and scattered homes. It drains us of our energy.

7. We found lost items such as money, legal documents, jewelry, and more.

8. Our Feng Shui coach taught us the energetic and psychology side of decluttering.
• Our space is a reflection of us and by changing our space we’re easier able to step into who we desire to become.
• Having a full closet means eventually there is no space for the new. Items go unwanted and unappreciated. Releasing the old provides physical, mental, and emotional space for the new. We tell the universe “We’re ready to receive!”.

8. Once decluttering, it’s tempting to see open space and have the urge to fill it- to impulse buy. We (me specifically 😅) learned to better emotionally regulate and be patient. We truly learned disciplined and to buy intentionally which helped us financially.
~ ~ ~

Final note,
What would society do if they didn’t have loads of laundry every couple days, dishes everyday.
What if we didn’t clean daily just to have our children destroy our progress? 😅 What if we only spend 15-30 minutes cleaning daily and maintained a clutter free home?
What would we do with this time??
Maybe invest in ourselves and attract all the magic and abundance in the world and live our dream lives?:)

Do we see the benefits of decluttering?:)


There’s layers to decluttering when living in an apartment or full size home

When intentionally choosing which items to keep or release it can be extremely draining.

💓Ask a friend or family member for help.
💓Choosing the smallest rooms first (bathrooms typically over small closets)
💓Hire a cleaner who would be willing to help if there’s no support system

What to do with unwanted items

🌸The struggle is real when it comes to decluttering!
🌸After going through everything it’s so easy to just throw everything away or leave it in the curb.
🌸Donating our items to friends and donation centers or selling items online has also brought in abundance for us.

Why wait for change?

Start living that dream life this moment forward

It’s so easy to say “when xyz happens we’ll....”

We did the same thing... and then one day we woke up and realized that if we were unhappy with our situation we should change it.

Through changing what was in our control, we were able to transition into the life we dreamed of. We attracted opportunities and began to manifest the very life we previously thought was ages away.

~ ~ ~
Since childhood, I’ve wanted travel and live on the road in a van, truck, rv... anything. As the end of my contract with the military was approaching, I found myself researching everything for building my very own off-grid van.

The problem was... I wanted my dream so badly I was forcing situations and spending too much time daydreaming. I felt depressed at times because I didn’t have the lifestyle I wanted and it felt so far away, causing my future to feel unknown despite having the passion.

We wanted an environment change, to step into the lifestyle we wanted. We yearned to be in nature, connected, cooking food over the fire, living minimalistic.

We had identified living in a van or RV as the start of a lifestyle change which prevented us from flourishing and opening up to our truest potential.

~ ~ ~
The moment we started changing our reality was the moment we started receiving signs and opportunities from the universe.

I found a 1996 RV with 30,000mi on the original motor (and she gets great gas mileage!) for $1,000. There was damage and she needed to be gutted- but there wasn’t too much damage. The perfect vehicle for our off grid vision. 😍

It’s incredibly beautiful to realize we have the ability to provide for ourselves. To manifest the lives we desire. To change our perceptions and rather than seeing road blocks, seeing that we’re given opportunities to make intuitive decisions and show gratitude. To live with ease knowing that road blocks only means that something better is soon coming along🚐

One of the biggest tips I can provide, is that when there’s confusion, take a step back! If there’s road blocks know that they exist to redirect you. You angels and guides are trying to direct you to something even better. And sometimes, those opportunities don’t currently exists so they want you to sit back and relax, grab yourself a beer! 🍻

If it feels like nothing is being accomplished during a time that feels like things need to be completed, remember this:
🦋 Self-care and relaxation brings joyful moments, gratitude, clarity, and abundance.

Feng Shui

The Fun Way to Attract Abundance😃

Feng Shui has brought much knowledge and abundance into our lives and we wouldn’t have achieved half of the abundance and growth without it.
We’re beyond grateful for our beautiful soul friend, Justine Hernandez, who coached us for 6 months.
During our time together, we learned about ourselves, the energy of money, attracting abundance, setting the foundations for our life and my business, and much more!

We now have 70 more friends, mentors, teachers, acquaintances, and resources. That’s a lot of opportunity for growth, love, and abundance!


Justine has different offerings, and works with clients in different states and countries. Click below to check her out on Instagram!

Meeting our needs

Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries

With Time

Having boundaries with ourselves and others is extremely important!

🌸 Do not set hours with time for sleeping in or staying out late. We will calculate this time in AFTER hours have been established and I’ll explain soon why it’s important to set our schedules as so.

🌸 With this in mind, set something reliable.
• What’s the max time we typically wake-up?
• Are we working set hours?
• If there are not set job hours, use minimum bed time and keep in mind to co-create set hours for at home business.

Great! Now that hours have been selected, boundaries are established. Time to move forward with areas to focus our intentions.

Once we’ve set up our intentions we can easily calculate schedules that will not be draining

It time to Choose


Continue to the next page to learn about the 4 recommended categories of Intention

4 Types of Intentions

Keep everything simple. After we establish our basic needs we can add in extravagant ideas


Write down realistic forms of self-care for a busy schedule. We’ll get further into self care on the next page. Here on some examples:
🌕Morning or nighttime drink (tea, cacao, etc)
🌕Grab a treat, buy a yummy meal
🌕Explore the neighborhood
🌕Dance to music


Write out the members in your family and choose 1-3 things that potential works for everyone.

💓I take our two dogs to the gated dog park and let them and Willy play. (I’m even able to use this time for business).
💓On my off days pat and I go for family walks, explore the beach, cook + eat without being on our phones.
💓Listen to music and dance together
💓Grilling/cooking meals


This is the time to be on your phone or get out in town!!

👭Comment on posts
👫Send messages
👬Make calls
👫FaceTime a friend
👭Hangout with a friend
👬Take kids on a play date
👭Tap-houses, breweries, restaurants, etc

The future

☁️ Meditations for life visions
☁️ Journal
☁️ Establish goals
☁️ Research interests
☁️ Take classes
☁️ Window shop for future home or buisness

Daily intentions

Set max times for each categories of intention. Keep in mind our total free hours (mine was 9:30am-2pm = 4.5 hours on work days and 9:30am-midnight= 13.5 on off days)

Now that the times are established for each Intention calculate and subtract from total free time in the day

Example: on off days I would have 9.5 hours remaining to sleep in, stay out late, invest more time into each category, watch t.v, etc

I hope this website has been helpful

Stay tuned...