You deserve it!

It’s time to care more and live more

About my weightloss journey…..

I tried everything to lose weight

I cried trying on wedding dresses because none of them would do up, and it was just awful.

I had low energy and couldn’t run around after my kids…

But I didn’t know why I couldn’t keep the weight off. I didn’t know that the harder the diet the harder the crash after it and it was really a toxic pattern. I’d only value myself if I was thinner.

I will be happy when…. I lost X lbs, fit in a size Y, and could shop in store Z!!

Who relates?

What I didn’t realize is if you learn to love yourself as you are (I know that sounds impossible if you’ve never done it but I promise it is possible) then you start taking better care of yourself. And vice versa, if you take better care of yourself you feel better about yourself.

I stopped binging. I stopped beating myself up and I had a much healthier relationship with food.

Weightloss is no longer the goal but the by product and while I am on this journey to being the best version of myself (not because there is anything wrong with myself as I am but because I deserve it) I do use a weightloss supplement.

# 1 - it’s delicious, feels like a treat and curbs my cravings
#2 - it targets fat so like duh if I’m going to do it I might as well see changes in my body faster
#3 - it has collagen that helps joints, skin and hair.

Yes I’ve lost 45lbs and I’m maintaining but for me it is the self love, inner peace and being able to be active with my kids which is better than any number on the scale.

If you want to try it for yourself. Connect with me on Facebook (link below) and I can get you a discount code.