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Hey ya’ll I’m Teegan!!, aka your beauty hair and skincare gal. Social media for me is a place to share and express myself, & to share products that I absolutely love. I also enjoy sharing about my life and my journey to sourcing out a business opportunity that has allowed me to make my own schedule & work from anywhere in the world!

I'm a licensed cosmetologist with a second passion for helping kids! Three years ago I decided the 9-5 on my feet all day job wasn’t for me. I wanted to become the boss of my life, but in order to do that I had to stop waiting for things to change and take action instead. So, I did a crazy thing. I decided to take on a business that was completely out of my comfort zone and turned my passions into my fulltime income. Here I was a 23 year old who had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, no stable income.. but decided to take on building a business that I didn't know would work out AND asking people to believe that I could do it. Everyday I’m growing by helping others, building relationships and leveraging one of the most powerful platforms today; social media.

Not only do I share about the products I love and my journey, but I also share the learning lessons I've been taught along the way (because lets get real, going after what you want isn't always as easy as it seems). The good, the bad, the ugly but ultimately sharing ME. Who I was. Who I am. Who I'm on the way of becoming. I'll be sharing it all. ✨

My Top Products

My favorites!!

HOLY transformation right?! 😍

The picture on the left is a photo of my hair several months ago.. completely lifeless. I was so self conscious of how awful it looked. The constant breakage and damage, & it wasn’t growing.. I literally got to the point where i contemplated shaving it off and starting over. 🙃
The right picture is my hair today!! 💛 Completely full of life! No more breakage or damage, & no more split ends! Also that growth is unreal & my hair is so much thicker & healthier.

No more bad hair days for me! 😊 It’s so so important that you know your products & understand what you’re putting on your hair.. as you can see ⇧

• Intense Repair shampoo & conditioner
• Heavenly Hydrating Masque
• Rejuvabeads
•Air Dry cream

Intense Repair Shampoo & Conditoner

• offers an intense cleanse
• stimulates scalp
• provides clean slate form regrowth
• intense conditioning and protection

Heavenly Hydrating Masque

• quenches moisture starved hair
• improves vibrancy, shine and manageability
• gentle, detangling formula for all hair types


• split end mender
• heals damaged and stressed areas
• makes hair stronger, mode flexible, and manageable
• increases shine

Air Dry Cream

• helps tame hair
• soften, and adds shine
• styles hair without need for heat styling