Hi, I'm Belinda also known as B, Boo or Bel

You will usually find me cross legged in nature, with a cuppa tea in hand, book nearby, furchild on my lap, dreaming of days to come.

I have arthritis and am a chronic pain sufferer. I am on a journey to a more holistic lifestyle, and to find coping mechanisms to both the mental and physical challenges that face so many us.

It is has been a process to diagnosis and ive learnt to follow my intuition and fight to be heard. So many people, especially women, are dismissed with their medical concerns, its either in our head or will pass. I have hypermobility which means I'm double jointed and flexible, which made it hard for doctors to believe i had arthritis, the pain must have been in my head, until xrays showed otherwise.

Modern medicine definitely has it's place and i am grateful that it's keeping my disease from progressing, however there are other natural ways in which we can support our bodies and minds. This is where essential oils and finding alternative natural products for all the chemical laden products we have become accustomed to comes in.

I would love to have you along for this journey to wellness and self discovery.

'Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being' J. Stanford

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