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So a little bit about how I started with Modere.

Earlier this year I was really having a hard time with anxiety, depression, an injured knee that was keeping me from being active and running, and the whole quarantine 30 I seemed to have gain last year!!! Most likely due to the wine 🍷 and all the baking I did!! 🥧🧁🥮
I decided to take control!! I started researching collagen! Yes I’ve taken the powders with no results. I’ve added it to coffee with no results. So when I heard about BioCell I was a bit skeptical to say the least. I researched it for 2 days and learned this was the exact same type 2 collagen that my mom used to go to the doctors office and get shots of for her knee joints!!! What??? Clinical grade? That I could purchase and just drink 2 Tbsp daily? So I had to check it out.
Hand to God, my knee literally improved in only 2 weeks! Since it worked so well, I decided to try the Lean Body System. The magic chocolate pudding!! 🍫🥄
To date, I’m still taking it and I’ve lost over 25 inches and 30 lbs!!! And still shrinking!!! It’s literally the only thing that has helped to move my metabolism and lose the weight in a long time!!

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My Top Picks

These are a few of my favorite things!

Recommendation #1

I love this collagen coffee!! It’s a must have. Hot or cold. This tetrablend helps with mood, focus, clarity, and brain health. Added MCT oil helps to suppress appetite and also includes the patented collagen/hyaluronic acid matrix. Drink your beauty!

Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology
Keto friendly
Zero sugar
Gluten free
No animal testing
BPA free

Recommendation #2

Ditch the soft drinks and sweet tea! Trade it in for this brain boosting drink packets. A box of 30 individual packets. Comes in 3 flavors. My favorite flavor is the açaí pomegranate! Contains 11 vitamins, 5 mineral and 8 nootropics.

Promotes balanced energy*
Boosts mental focus and alertness*
Supports healthy cognitive function*
Assists memory, learning and mental clarity*
Increases alpha waves for a mindful state of zen-like concentration*
Check more off your to-do list, so you have time for what matters most*
Helps you achieve peak mental performance*

Recommendation #3

Better than Botox! I love this skincare system. With the same patented collagen/hyaluronic acid matrix as the Liquid BioCell Collagen, this system works like none other!

Beauty begins on the inside, but sometimes you want a boost to help your inner beauty shine. Modere® CellProof Essentials is an advanced skin care solution that uses science-backed ingredients to deliver beautiful, visibly radiant skin every day.

The Results Just Keep Coming

I started the Lean Body System and Axis Trebiotic in April. This is how far I’ve come! Nearly 40lbs lost and over 28 inches and I’m still shrinking!! .

Lean Body System + Trebiotic