I love helping awesome people like you (yes! you!) get in touch with their inner beauty through beauty and wellness.

If you’ve been searching for a hair stylist, makeup artist or yoga and meditation instructor that truly cares and is passionate about helping you get in touch with your inner beauty then you’re in the right place!

I literally stumbled into the beauty industry in 2003 (16 years ago, yikes!) while living in London. After a failed attempt at getting a Computer science degree led me to choose a hairdressing course as “something to do” while waiting for a year to reapply for a design degree. Within the first month of training, I completely fell in love with the industry and haven’t looked back since. My background in design and technology, as well as my diverse background both in heritage and the places I’ve lived and worked in, give me a different perspective and aesthetic when it comes to my approach towards beauty and wellness. I’m kind of a hair nerd and love to educate my clients on hair science!

To say I'm obsessed with education would be an understatement! I love taking classes and learning about new tools, techniques and products that will not only help me do my job better but also help me be more time efficient. From being classically trained in London mainly in the Sassoon way of hair cutting, to learning more modern techniques by today's cutting-edge educators and companies, I have a lot of tricks in my arsenal so I can give you the look of your dreams!