Welcome Beautiful..

My Story | The Short + Quick Version |

I was born + raised in Colorado. Transplant to Florida. I swam competitively + went to school to be a medic. Long story, short... I fell into film + television production 11 years ago. Met the love of my life, we’ve been married since 2015 + we now have 4 Great Danes (my kids), We own and operate an elite softball + baseball training facility. We are CrossFit addicts + altitude junkies.

In 2019 I had something telling me that I needed something more. Now, don’t get me wrong I LOVE what I do as a producer. But, there was just a gravitational pull that is hard to explain. At that same time I jumped into a world I knew absolutely nothing about, and I haven’t looked back!

I am now a hair + skin + wellness magician. I get to help people feel great about themselves for a living! It’s truly amazing. I have left my career in film for the most part, still help out on fun events and shows that I want to! I have found my passion, and calling impacting as many lives while making a {great} + steady income!

My Favorite Coffee Of The Season

Honey Almondmilk Cold Brew

With a hint of honey and an almondmilk finish. 🍯

Fall In Love With You

From the inside out