Untethered for Success

Unleash your Nature-Create your Luck

I am city rebel mama to two mini rebels who is hell bent on living life on my terms whatever the climate!

I have NEVER been in a 9-5 hampster wheel and can teach you the skills, the mindset and the attitude to ditch the life that is stealing your dreams from you.

Swipe left if your curiousity is your compass and unlock the tiny door to what potentially could be a big new world designed by YOU!

I have filled the next page for you to delve into little treats and tasters from The Freedom Era platform that is our community’s playground.

I have the secrets that are begging to be brought into the spotlight:

🔦Creating your authentic personal brand out of none other than your own unique SELF and the LIFE lived by you. We all have a story to tell!

🔦Getting the eyeballs on an offer that speaks for itself and is high commision high conversion ticket to back up your brand.

🔦Turning your social media page into an ATM machine just by sharing your life stories and your unique voice backed up by an offer that is you completely love and align with and that is something tgat everyone loves and needs.

🔦Co-creating and being held up at all times by a tribe of like-minded heart activated leaders- the soul mate tribe.

I am an actor by trade-let’s play out this play in the spirit of fun, fantasy and UNLEASH our imagination together!

This is my invitation to you if you have landed on this page by serendipity’s hand and this resonates with something long cherished,long desired by you.

There is nothing like women coming together to serve, create and support each other through a common mission, empowering each other and impacting the rest.

I love all stuff spiritual, psychology, poetry, quantum physics, being on the go- a hopeless wagabond that I am,adventure, nature, silence and am a sucker for any challenge that leads to my growth as a soul in search of her home.

My mission is to weave a strong web of freedom loving women that are ready to make a leap into 0.2 version of themselves and claim their very own version of life dictated by just the right level of wealth, inner and outer health and expansion into all other directions of their self expression.

I am here to pass on the knowledge and a system by which you could claim your dreams as your daily reality.

If an actor misfit and disruptor mom like me can do it-you can too my fellow rebel Mama!

The New era of entrepreneurialship is here! Check this link to have a sneak peak of how we are smashing it in the transforming paradigm!