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Hello, and welcome!!! I’m Elizabeth or Lizzy and I am a MONAT Representative!!!

I am a cowgirl who loves the outdoors, a singer in training to be a Vocal Coach, and a HUGE Health and Fitness Foodie!!!

I am about 75% of the way through college for Voice Performance and my goals in life are to help people use their musical gift to glorify God, give people the gift of better health through fitness, food, and of course hair and skin healing with MONAT!!!

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I spend some of my Social Media time showing hair and skin products and provide other people with the opportunity to make money 100% from their phone. It’s really that simple. You can do this too, here’s how!

When you join, you’ll receive a box FULL of your favorite products for a major discount, a free website and an online office. In your first couple of months we will show you how to make $1,800 just in bonus’. You get paid 5-6X monthly, receive social media training and content calendars, weekly training calls, and access to flash sales and promotions!

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