Resolve. Do we have it?

He Who Would Climb a Ladder Must Begin at the Bottom

freely being who I am

The World is My Oyster

My name is Lizette Angeli. Being born into this world I’ve come to terms that I want to be able to contribute to this world, in any way I can. That means endlessly finding myself, relearning things about myself and adapting in ways I would never expect. To live a world of NOW. Now matters more than what was and will be. Now becomes your future. Each day that passes by sets up the next step to tomorrow. We mustn’t look too far ahead and we mustn’t look o far behind. It’s all about how you carry yourself.

We are only human, and being human can also be a beautiful thing. To know our happiness and blessings is to know our sadness and failures. Humans have this ability to never give up—be it your job, your school, an illness—through love. Love what you do, love of how you continue to move forward. Love connects all.

You have to go through it to grow through it. All these emotions that feel heavy on our chest, at times we may want to turn away or push off as nothing small are never small. You feel what you feel. The first step is always going to make sure you understand what is going on. You feel it and you release. Life is too short to grab onto negative energies that weigh your life down. It may be all a part of your journey, but trust the process as you should trust yourself. To doubt yourself is to doubt life. To live life and living in life are different things.

There is always more for us. Whenever we think all is said and done, there will always be more. Life has so much to give and just as I have been given this one life, I intend to give back to life.

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