Hi friend. I’m Lize.

OILED. Oiled for Wellness. Oiled for Purpose. Oiled for Abundance.

Thank you for allowing me a time and space in your day, to share a passion that resonates so deeply with my heart for woman.

I believe that God craft fully designed woman as warriors to ‘watch over the ways of our households’ (Proverbs 31:27). We were created to care for our loved ones, not only physically, but also emotionally and especially spiritually. What a significant purpose indeed! My dream for you, is that you will leave this page, inspired to live true to this purpose as well.

As a young mother my biggest desire was to create a home where my family could thrive. I learned that a low tox lifestyle could strengthen the foundation of our home immensely in terms of health and vitality. The process of transforming our home in a way that no longer holds space for toxic, synthetic chemicals was intimidating at first, but now, as I look back, incorporating Young Living products into our home was one of the most profound choices I’ve ever made!

If you are looking for something different, a more natural way of living that isn’t an overwhelming process, and you will enjoy walking into a toxin-free home, fragranced only by nature’s raw riches, knowing that you are intentionally supporting your loved ones, you will experience all of that and so much more!

I will be sharing how I add a little oil-infused wellness to our everyday life, enjoying only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and natural plant-based products. I invite you to follow along on my IG page. You are welcome to send me a DM, I will be delighted to guide and connect with you!

For more valuable information on where to start a more natural lifestyle, SWIPE TO THE RIGHT.

This is were my journey started...

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are one of the great untapped resources of the world. They are precious miracles and the delights of creation, intelligently designed to benefit our whole body.

By definition, essential oils are liquid substances, typically extracted through delicate steam distillation of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots and trees. The complex molecules distilled, are the life force of the plant, promoting oxygenation, regulation, regeneration and optimal functioning of it’s cells.

Essential oils are in total biochemical harmony with the human body, supporting literally every aspect of our well-being, from our hormones, immunity, circulation, digestion, emotions...the list is endless.

Historically, the British used essential oils to massage the body, the French believed in ingestion and the Germans enjoyed inhalation of essential oils, which is actually the true form of aromatherapy. Essential oils are effectively absorbed by all three methods and within 20 minutes, these molecules can be found in every cell of the human body. Non-invasive, without leaving any toxins behind.

I believe that the Lord created essential oils especially having you and me in mind.


This beautiful Young Living booklet will guide you through everything you need to know about Young Living and how to use essential oils safely.

You will also enjoy valuable information on how to use all the essential oils that’s included in the Premium Starter Kit.

The oils included in the PSK are versatile and chosen thoughtfully to compliment your wellness lifestyle.

FREE! Young Living PSK Guide


My suggestion is that you join Young Living by ordering a Premium Starter Kit.

This is where my journey started as well. This is the only enrollment kit that offers ten therapeutic grade essential oils and a superb quality Dew Drop diffuser at a well-discounted price of R2268.

The essential oils included in this starter kit is the perfect combination to kick-start your wellness lifestyle and include:
Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Citronella, Eucalyptus Radiata, Peppermint, Frankincense, Purification, Thieves and Valor.

I would love to take your hand on this wonderful journey. Please check that the number 20204961 appears in both the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID fields to ensure that you are added to our Oiled. community and receive all the support to have you equipped in no time!

Order your Young Living PSK here


Essential Rewards is a free monthly loyalty program enabling you to earn points and receive monthly promotional products.

If you are serious about ditching toxic chemicals down the drain, this program will help you to do it affordably and consistently.

My suggestion is that you order your Premium Starter Kit as your first ER order.

The minimum required monthly order is 50 PV (about R800). One reward point is redeemable for 1 PV of product. For the first 3 consecutive months you will earn 10% back of products purchased. Month 4-24, 20% and after that, a generous 25% of every monthly purchase. You will also receive free loyalty gifts at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months as well as discounted shipping.

You may change your order as well as the date of processing every month. This is done in your Virtual Office. You may also redeem points earned on products or cancel Essential Rewards at any time.

Young Living not only offers essential oils, but also a wide range of natural, safe cleaning, personal care products as well as supplements. Essential Rewards enables me to enjoy the benefit of it all, affordably!

Essential Rewards


You have made a beautiful decision for your family.

Once you’ve joined Young Living and ordered your starter kit, you are invited to our Oiled. community.

Our team is so much more than just oils. We are a community of passionate woman, living life joyfully as we intentionally nurture our most loved ones in a more gentle, natural way.

Our exclusive Facebook group is called Oiled. This is our gathering ‘page’ where we educate, inspire and grow together in wellness.

Oiled. is loaded with resources, suggestions for reference guides, DIY and diffuser recipes, testimonials and everything you need to know to use oils correctly. This is also a safe platform where you can get your questions answered and have a little fun with team giveaways and more! You will be supported all the way!

As you start replacing toxic, synthetic chemicals with clean, safe products and see the impact therapeutic grade essential oils have in supporting your family, your confidence will grow, knowing you are truly equipping your family with a healthy foundation in which they can flourish.

Looking forward to embrace this lifestyle with you!

Oiled. Facebook group


The Thieves Household Cleaner was a total game-changer in my household!

I am so passionate about safe, natural cleaning products and would love to help you ditch toxic chemicals out of your household as soon as possible.

You will be gifted a 500ml glass bottle with a trigger spray cap, together with a Thieves Household Cleaner sample to kick start your journey! (Simply add the sample to your spray bottle, top up with water and you’re ready to go).

We use the Thieves Household Cleaner for all surfaces in our home, from countertops, bathrooms and windows to floors, furniture and carpets!

Your welcome gift will also include 2x 10ml roller bottles, so you can start enjoy your oils immediately.

Follow our Ditch & Switch series in the Oiled. Facebook Group for more tips!

So thrilled to welcome you to our community!


Let me guide you through the process, step by step:

1. Follow the link below or visit youngliving.com.

2. Click ‘Become a Member’ and follow the sign up prompts.

3. Ensure that my YL ID #20204961 appears in both the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID fields (otherwise you will be added to a random team where I will not be able to support you).

4. Select the ‘Member’ option.
(This option gives you the opportunity to enjoy a 24% product discount on all future purchases. You have no obligation however to distribute or sell any products).

5. Choose the Starter Kit of your choice.

6. Although it is optional, my suggestion is that you select your Starter Kit as your first Essential Rewards order.
(This will enable you to earn 10% of this purchase back in points - 10 PV is already a 5ml of Grapefruit essential oil for example - to redeem on additional products in future! After 3 consecutive months you earn 20% back each month).

7. Add additional products to your ER order for the following month. The payment for this order will only be processed next month.
(You need a minimum of 50 PV, about R800, to remain on Essential Rewards. My recommendation is that you add a Thieves Household Cleaner, V-6 vegetable Oil Complex and a Lemon essential oil to make up the 50PV for next month. You may, of course, add any product of your choice. Remember, you can change your order and processing date at any time. If you wish to cancel ER, you may do so at any moment, without additional costs).

8. Proceed to checkout and add your personal details to complete the enrollment process.

You are welcome to DM me or contact me on 072 436 9073 if you need assistance.

I’m ready to get started


Young Living offers a variety of Starter Kits to start your journey, including:

• The Premium Starter Kit
• NingXia Starter Kit
• CBD Starter Kit
• Thieves Enrollment Kit
• Feather the Owl Starter Bundle

Follow the link below to view all the available kits available in South Africa.

Starter kits


Did you know that no quality regulations exist yet regarding essential oils? Most companies add fillers or synthetic additives to a bottle of essential oil and label it as ‘pure’. The thing is, you have no guarantee when buying essential oils from the grocery store.

Young Living is proud to set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of their oils through a unique Sead to Seal process. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, rigorous external and internal quality controls are applied to ensure that you and I are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended.

Follow the link below to read more about Seed to Seal and why I trust Young Living.

Seed to Seal

A little bit about me...

BLISSIPLINED {intentionally embracing the bounty, beauty and joy the ordinary brings!}

I am a ‘blissiplined’ woman, wife and mother. I am also a dreamer, romancing the simple abundance treasured in the blessings and struggles of everyday life.

My free-spirited husband and I have 3 gorgeous girls. We share a wanderlust and love for the vast Namibian dessert. I am also fond of reading poetry, playing guitar and running, especially in nature. Our extended family share a, maybe bit odd, obsession with the moon. Waiting for the full moon to rise over the horizon from all over Southern Africa, somehow makes us all feel closer to each other.

My passion is to inspire woman to live blissfully whilst embracing a more natural approach to life!

If this lifestyle sparks a flame in your heart, it will be delightful to connect with you!



The Young Living Income Opportunity.

Young Living offers a generous compensation plan, designed to help you achieve freedom and abundance.

I never thought that I would pursue the business opportunity of Young Living. As my love for the products grew, I authentically lived my passion and my organization grew naturally...in fact, I haven’t ‘sold’ a starter kit in my life!

Joy is contagious! As you share the joy of using essential oils and living a low tox lifestyle, you not only add value and inspire woman to intentionally seek healthier alternatives to wellness, now you just receive a paycheck for doing so.


If you are already a Young Living member and have a starter kit, you are ready to start earning right away.

Your initial investment and a monthly 50 PV - 100 PV is all you need to maintain your business.


You don’t ever have to ‘hit targets’, hold stock or ‘sell starter kits’.

You also don’t need to be a qualified aromatherapist to grow your business. You just need to equip your team with good resources. Being part of Oiled. gives you exclusive access to a growing ‘library’ of educational resources where your new members can be ‘plugged’ in and equipped with ease.

By growing your business, you also have the opportunity to invest, not only in your own finacial wellbeing, you might be instrumental in paving the path to financial freedom for others as well.

With Young Living, you have the foundation to be an instrument of service to others, sharing with joy, within the sphere of gifts and talents you have. Serve others well, and live a life of bliss and purpose!

Oh, and remember.

“The bigger the dream, the more importand the team”.

Monthly potential earnings

“Why be a sheep, when you can be a lion? Why be a victim, when you can be a leader? Why be a taker, when the world belongs to givers?”

Rise up. Serve well.