About Me

Living Life To The Fullest

Hey ya'll! Liz here, a wife & dog mom of Wisconsin saying THANKS for dropping in. You'll come to learn I love the simple things in life & see the joy in most everything.

I love my great big God • I'm a totally foodie • I love to travel • we live holistically • my community is everything • builder of beautiful lives • I enjoy watching movies + reading • sunshine is life

My current goals in life are to continue to strengthen my mindset, read at least 1 book a month, build my community of like minded people, continue to travel the world with my husband, have complete time + money freedom, & show others how to achieve whatever their goals may be too!

xoxo - Liz

My Lifestyle

What does it look like to be holistic?

A little past

Current happenings + Sobriety

Now as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner that had been down many avenues, I am drawn to share the simple day to day wellness tips to love the body from the inside out.

I started learning a long time ago that we don't have to be unhappy in life or settle for less because "that's just how the dice rolled." We are all meant for more, which includes YOU!

With years of experience & knowledge finding my way through the trenches of an unhealthy life, (while I am no Therapist, Dietitian or Life Coach) I am honored to help guide you through what mental, physical, spiritual, or occupational goals you may want to achieve!


Natural Beauty & Wellness

I started using MONAT almost 2 years ago and while I was skeptical about it all at first, I was quick to change my mind after giving it a try...

I have thick hair that is oily on top and frizzy on the bottom and while my hair has always been fairly nice, I still can't believe that it has continued to become more healthy since I started using MONAT haircare products exclusively. It's amazing!

Then the skincare blew my mind, and then the wellness has taken everything to the next level, providing me with beauty & confidence from the inside out!

•  Vegan, Sulfate FREE, Naturally-based, ANTI-AGING, Cruelty FREE, Toxic FREE, NO HARSH CHEMICALS + clinically proven ingredients with more clinical studies than any other beauty brand out there!

• Retail Customer- No strings attached. You can go directly to lizstancil.mymonat.com/ and purchase products just like you would go on Nordstrom and purchase shoes. 

• VIP CUSTOMER- You pay a ONE time lifetime membership fee of $19.99 (not annually or monthly like costco or amazon) and you will receive free shipping + 15% off all future orders AND UP TO 40% when you incorporate our PURCHASE + discount (the more you spend, the more you save)! You will have access to exclusive flash sales and events for only VIP Customers!

• There are products the whole family can use as we have a mens line, pet line, and even a junior line for the babes!


Work That Puts YOU First

How I work from anywhere to focus on my health & wellness

As someone who has struggled with anxiety, depression & Fibromyalgia most of my life, mental health & all around wellness has been big for me.

My journey has taken me many years of learning & growing, & while I am no where near done yet or ever, I have come along ways & I am damn proud! I'll be 100% honest in saying I wouldn't be this strong, determined, woman I am today with my MONAT business & community though.

After working many depressing jobs in my life, I am grateful to say I finally have my favorite job where I work from ANYWHERE as a MONAT Market Partner & Wellness Educator!

I have always struggled with my purpose, but now I am blessed to help my customers build their confidence by getting them personalized natural, anti-aging products to restore their hair, skin & health, & then I also have my partners chasing their best future self along side of me. It's an incredible opportunity!!!

Market Partner Perks
•Discounted product pack ranging from $199-$799
•Min 30-55% off future products
•No monthly quotas // inventory
•Option to earn an income with a remote-based business
•Earn 15-40% commissions, unlimited bonuses & no caps
•Business training with tried & true activities so no need to reinvent the wheel
•Personal development
•Ability to earn trips
•MONAT Motor Club: earn a white Cadillac!

I know this thought may scare you or maybe you're thinking this kind of thing isn't for you but all good things in life come once we get out of our comfort zone & out of our own damn way!

Curious to see if this is the right fit for your lifestyle? Send me an email to chat with no pressure or click link to pick product pack!