About Me

Hello beautiful souls, my name is Liz and I am an empath (emotional & physical), oracle/tarot reader and a Reiki Master.

Ever since I was a young one I have been very spiritual, experiencing unexplainable events such as seeing loved one who had passed or having deep emotions come to me that were not mine. As I got older and met individuals who have truly inspired me, I was able to figure out how and why I had those experiences. I got into Reiki right out of high school at the age of 17 and became a Reiki Master around 21 years old.
Through Reiki and thoroughly researching I realized I was a physical and emotional empath. Meaning, I can feel others emotions they are going through and also at times physically feel where they may be spiritually blocked or physically in pain at. When doing healings I have experienced some psychic abilities as well, hearing loved ones or spirit guides communicating through sounds or visuals. Spirituality is a passion, but helping others heal through oracle readings or reiki healings has been a dream to succeed. Please feel free to reach out and ask about what I am offerings, but also if you would like resources I have found throughout my spiritual journey.

Thank you for taking the time to come across my site. Sending positive intentions of love and good vibes always!


Services I Offer

I will be offering both Oracle/Tarot Readings and also as of right now Distance Reiki Healings. For those who do not know what a distance healing is, a distance healing is where the healer is not physically with you, but healing you from a distance, clearing your mind, body & soul. I do not have a physical location at the moment, but would either doing the readings via email, zoom or recording.

Tarot/Oracle Readings:
one card pull $10
three card pull $22
30 minute session $35
1 hour session $60

Reiki Healings
30 minute healing $35
1 hour healing $65

*Payments will be via Venmo @LizSteele2121 or ApplePay prior to appointment.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions! Thank you!

email: lizsteeleoraclehealer@gmail.com
phone: 916.524.4234

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