About Me

I support highly-stressed Special Needs Mothers who are ready to transform their lives by offering a gentle pathway to personal healing, regeneration, self-leadership, improved relationships, and mindful motherhood.

I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.
SelfWorks Healing & Coaching has been brought to life through my own personal journey of special needs parenting, trauma recovery, and personal development.
I’m Liz,
Certified Trauma Healing Practitioner, Coach, Mentor, Support Coordinator, Consultant, and most importantly mother to four beautiful children, one whom is now a young man with lifelong complexed needs.
I truly understand it all as I walk this road alongside you.
Throughout my journey I have recognised that trauma informed support for special needs mothers is a rarity and my intent is to change this.
I offer support to highly stressed special needs mothers who are feeling traumatised by their experience and are ready to transform their lives by guiding them along a gentle pathway of personal healing, regeneration, self-leadership, improved relationships, and mindful motherhood.
As special needs mothers our journey thrusts upon us more emotional trauma than most mothers experience in their lifetime, yet for us it is often left untouched, unseen, unheard, and unhealed.
SelfWorks Healing & Coaching has a
focus on how emotionally confronting special needs mothering is, how our own emotional trauma impacts our ability to cope, how we can heal, how we can grow, and how we can adopt new strategies to effectively manage ourselves through it all.
Our lives are not normal but the emotional states we experience are, and without the right kind of support we find ourselves stuck in emotional states that are proven to increase risk to our mental, emotional, and physical health.
And the only way forward is to heal.
I do get it though, how do we find time to tend to our own needs when our world revolves solely around the intense needs of our children?  
I know it feels impossible.
But the difficult truth is that if we don’t, things start to spiral out of control.
I know from my personal and professional experience that when we tend to our inner world, our external world transforms in beautiful and meaningful ways.
Perceptions shift, emotions neutralise, energy returns, health improves, relationships heal, possibilities appear, and the veil of hopelessness lifts.
Does it “fix” your situation? No.
But it does create life changing shifts in how you perceive it, how you perceive yourself, how you manage yourself in it, and how you lead your family through it.

When we step into our power as strong mothers we heal, learn, grow, and transform.

We become equipped with the mindset, resilience, and skillsets required to effectively lead ourselves and those around us, to advocate for our children, and to build amazing support networks that are vital to improving the quality of life for us and our families.
I have spent hundreds or hours developing my professional skills to complement my lived experience and am so passionate about bringing Trauma Informed Healing and Coaching Practices to support the wellbeing of special needs mothers.
Thank you for being here, I truly look forward to connecting.
Liz x

Work with me…

Trauma Informed Healing & Coaching

SelfWorks offers both tailor made coaching arrangements to suit your needs, or emotional healing coaching packages to support you on your healing journey.

SelfWorks Coaching Sessions

Casual Coaching Sessions are designed to help you gain clarity, create personal awareness, expand your thinking and develop a mindset of possibility.
These sessions are perfect if you’ve already done the internal work on self and are ready to set goals to create an amazing future.

SelfWorks Healing Package

This is my signature program that comprises of 6 weekly or fortnightly sessions.

Here we work together at the conscious and unconscious level to really dig deep to heal your inner wounds and create amazing transformation emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We also provide you with the strategies and tools you need to empower yourself in the future, enabling you to create personal change, healthy relationships, and maintain emotional balance.

SelfWorks Success focuses on getting to the root cause of what’s causing you pain. Healing any emotional trauma, releasing limiting beliefs, breaking patterns of self sabotage, creating personal change, and equipping you with useful tools and strategies to continue your transformation journey.

SelfWorks Success Fast Track

Do you want profound results and want them quickly?

This Fast Track Program is an emotional breakthrough program done in 2 x 1/2 day sessions.

This program can be intense, but well worth it if you’re looking for change fast. Due to the intense healing work involved, it is recommended that you have a day free from commitment following your program so you can rest, integrate, and heal.

SelfWorks Hypnotherapy

SelfWorks Hypnotherapy involves being eased into an incredibly relaxed state so that your conscious thinking can be bypassed, and your subconscious mind can be accessed which is a powerful form of healing.