Hi! My name is Lizzie!

& I'm here to maybe change your whole life and inspire the crap outta you!

I want to share my story with you, so you know how I ended up where I am & maybe how you can too. No matter what walk of life you come from.

Almost 2 years ago, I was busted and disgusted with myself and my life. I was pushing 200 pounds, treating my mind, body and soul like garbage. I had been struggling with alcohol and drug addiction for over 10 years. I always dreamed of a better life for myself but had no motivation or plan to bring it to fruition.
At the time I was working in the restaurant industry as a Kitchen Manager - which was also slowly draining the lifestyle out of me.

It wasn't until a co-worker introduced a nutrional system to me that I finally found myself again & also found my purpose in life.
I have now left the restaurant industry, I'm over a year into recovery, and down over 50 pounds.
When this system changed my entire life, I jumped into the business opportunity that lied with it.
I always thought network marketing was a scam - I quickly learned it was not.
I now live my life to help others achieve their goals & dreams while also feeling their best by taking premium grade vitamins.

I'm not here to push or shove you into this, but simply tell you about what lies here, inspire you, and let you know you are WORTHY, DESERVING, and CAPABLE of living the life you're dreaming of.

My Wellness Transformation

you can do hard things

nature heals ♡

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