Tell the world what you’re all about

Hey Y’all!

My name is Lizzy! You’re probably wondering why I’m so special?
I’m not! I’m just a regular ole gal from a small country town in Louisiana just trying to find myself and motivate and help others find themselves too ❤️

I’m 27. Mom of 2. Been married to my hunk of burning love almost 8 years. We live a pretty simple life. I’m a para professional in a SPED Pre-K class and my hubby’s a Pipeliner. We love to spend our days outdoors or with family. We love to travel, enjoy the little things and make the best of our life while we’re still here❤️


So why am I here?

Long story short, I struggled with depression a couple years ago. I was not okay.
I questioned if I was ever good enough, pretty enough, too fat, terrible mom and wife, crappy friend. The whole 9 yards.

I’ve been spending these last couple of years digging deep and really finding out just who I am.
Recently, I’ve found it. I had to bring it back to the basics. The funny, crazy and outgoing girl I used to be in high school.
You can catch me on social media dancing in a moomoo and shaking my booty 😂

I’ve partnered with 2 different brands that have really helped me find myself. I know that sounds crazy. How can a business help you find yourself?

Well I’ll tell you! Health and beauty go hand n hand right? Feeling healthy and being beautiful were the two things I struggled with the most. When I partnered with my lash business I found a whole new love for myself. I felt great about myself, I started sharing these amazing lashes with others and the amount of confidence in these ladies after they put their lashes on set my soul on fire for this business.
But I didn’t stop there! Yeah I felt beautiful but man, something still just wasn’t “there” ya know what I mean jelly bean?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life, and after kids, I’m the biggest I’ve ever been 🥴
Diet after diet, failure after failure. I needed SOMETHING.

So I partnered with another company, LE-VEL.
You know those people that always feel good and sale Thrive? Yeah that!

I wanted to be like them. Always happy, never seem like their tired and grouchy, always going on paid for vacations and driving paid for BMWs and Mercedes. Yeaaahhhh. Gimme all dat!

Let me tell you, that crazy patch their wearing? It really works! I’m no where near the “size” I want to be, but man I feel good! You thought my confidence level was sky rocketing with them lashes? Y’all better lock me up in a closet now cause momma feeling all the feel good vibes.
And now, I get to share this with everyone else too. The amount of positive feedback I get just makes me want to cry happy tears ❤️


Whether you wanna just make new friends, have someone to talk to, need a helping hand, a good laugh, or help others feel like them best selves like me,

I’m here for ya!