About Louke

Like walking around town with a friend

For two years now I have found that smart visitors to Amsterdam get a local to guide them and show them all the best spots and must sees✌💁

I have been in vacation mode ever since and therefore never know what day it is. But its worth it, walking around with new friends.

My top picks

Your top recommendations for your guests

Really, I know a lot of fun and special things you could do if only you asked me to look into it and make reservations ahead of time. Make the absolute most of your time in Amsterdam.

Recommendation #1 FOTOSHOOT

So much fun: a fotoshoot! Let me book it for you and you will have a different kind of fun than most. I have insta, fashion, and naughty to choose from.

Recommendation #2 Youseum

A very special museum with 15 stunning rooms where you are actually supposed to take selfies for a change! I can get you there and in because i know a guy.

Recommendation #3 Best Canal Cruise

It is the number 1 tourist attracktion and that is why there are special ones that you should ask me about and let me arrange for you,.. after all I know a guy

Recommendation #4 Layover tour

You have a layover at Schiphol airport of a few hours. So why not let me pick you up and show you a just enough of Amsterdam to make you want to return.

Handcrafted and heartfelt

The things that move you

Handmade cushions for wandering hands of people that suffer from Alzheimer's ✌💁

The tiny jeans of your babies refurbished in to a real cute handbag so that you enjoy those precious items for much longer