About Me

Type 1 Diabetic, Holistic Health & Wellness advocate, & Massage Therapist

I’m Logan, you might know me, but if you don’t, I’m 20 years old, a type 1 diabetic for 12 years. I’m currently finishing up my education in Massage therapy & then I will be moving from Vermont to North Carolina!
I LIVE for the outdoors! My favorite thing to do outside is hike with my dog Rebbie! I have a massive passion for serving others, helping them find their own flow & confidence in their bodies. Something I worked really hard to find in my own life. I’m so blessed to be able to help others do the same through my work as a massage therapist and Arbonne Independent consultant.

Love ❤️ & Light 🌟

Healthy living Program

There’s no better time to be healthy ~ inside & out

I fell in love with fueling my body, living a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life and It my goal to help you to! There’s never been a better time to take complete control over your well-being than now!

Making the decision is the first step. With Arbonne you will gain life changing habits/principles while being surrounded by a community of people ready to support you through the process

* The program is designed for people who are ready to optimize their health. This is NOT a diet. It’s a lifestyle & rebalancing of nutrition.

Little bit about my Type 1 journey

I was Diagnosed when I was 9. I had just switched schools and no one really knew what it meant to be a type 1 diabetic ( in their defense we were 9). I was a Shy kid, making friends while trying to learn about diabetes was a challenge. Fast forward through those years and into the teens. I did anything I could to cover up even having Type 1. I thought of it as a weakness and I felt a lot of shame around it. I wouldn’t prick my finger at school rarely would I take insulin. I need insulin to live making that was a huge problem.
Coming to the realization that having Type 1 isnt a negative thing but yet something that has given massive amounts of courage, strength and resilience has led me to here.
Being open about how this chronic illness affects my daily life and how I manage it has been the most freeing experience.
With that said if you don’t know what it is or want to Learn more my DM’s are open and I’m happy to educate.