Logann Remington

The Confidence Expert

You are probably wondering what in the world makes you an expert in confidence!?
Lemme tell ya.
4 years ago I was in a dark hole. 300 pounds, and completely hated myself. I spent countless nights dreaming of things to happen to me so I didn’t have to be here anymore. I hated life, and it hated me back. Sad right?
Well I’ll tell you one thing the way we look has taken on a huge role to equal the way we feel about ourselves. Society says to be worthy you have to look a certain way. & I feel into the trap. I had a gastric sleeve in 2018, and I lost nearly 200 pounds, and as shocking as it was to me I still felt the same about myself. I proved that the way we look has nothing to do with how we feel about ourselves. But everything to do with what we think about ourselves. Fast forward I’ve spent the last two years pouring into myself, and creating a life that I love. But more so, choosing to work endlessly every day on nurturing the way I feel about myself. I’ve felt it all sis I promise. & some days I still do, but the beautiful thing is I’ve learned the tools to make it less stressful, and easier! Come along for the ride! 💗