How to make my logo stand out?

I will help you find out how :)

If you are here it is because you know the importance that a great logo has for brands and businesses.

But how to make logos that become memorable? I will teach you a simple but very effective technique. It is the SDA technique, that consists in:

S: Simple. The logo should be simple enough to be applied everywhere;
D: Distinctive and Memorable. The logo must have a striking and timeless look. Without looking like other logos.
A: Appropriate. The design of the logo must match the niche of the business.

And how to use the SDA technique? At each stage of your creative process ask yourself: Is my draft simple, distinct and appropriate? Is this vector with this typography Simple, Distinctive and Appropriate?

This is the technique that brands like Apple, Nike, Animal Planet and Chase Bank use to create their logos. And this is also the way that I create logo designs. Making them looking bold, minimalist and responsive to be applied anywhere.

Check my Portfolio:

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