About Me

Hey y’all! 👋🏽

My name is Chantèa but I go by Lola. I’m a brunette 30 something, married, mom with 3 kids, 1 angel baby, and a chihuahua dachshund mix. I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist by trade, a Digital Creator on etsy, the Host and Producer of The Awkward Mom Stage podcast, and a Lifestyle Blogger on lolanicole.com. I’m a real True Crime junkie, I’ve watched every episode of The Office and Criminal Minds more than once, and I love a good cheesy Hallmark movie. Clueless, the Legally Blonde Series, The House Bunny, and Baby Mama are a few of my most favorite movies ever. I know all the words.

I love fashion, beauty, and home decor. I can’t be trusted in Target, At Home, Home Goods, IKEA, The Container Sto... well you get the picture. I’m 5’8” and I have 3 ft long legs.

I’m a Scorpio through and through, enneagram 2, and an introverted-extrovert, I’m very monotone and I have a dark sense of humor but I love to laugh. I can talk a lot if I’m comfortable around you. Snacks are my favorite, I currently have a hate/hate relationship with the gym and I struggle to eat healthy and stay fit, lol.

Anyway, nice to meet y’all.