Theme fonts! 🦋

You want my theme or fonts?You came to the right place :D

Here you can find my coloring tut , theme fonts and some things about me 💐💭

If you use this theme please give tc to me in your bio or caption(on caption it’s okay if once!).
My 1st theme 🌹💭
Fonts :
wm = Cheri
Text / question = hug me tight
Extra fonts I used = sweet purple , adelia and lemon milk
My current theme 🍑💭
Fonts :
wm = Pumkin Cheesecake
Text / question = hug me tight
Extra fonts I use = manolete , adelia
⚠️ tc is me so don’t use my theme and pretend it’s yours.

Facts about me and my acc! 🌷

Wanna know me or want to know something abt my profile? Here you go! :D

My name - Lily
My age - 12
Where I’m from - 🇺🇸

Facts about my acc! :D
- I always tag @flowerchrvis cuz she’s my sister !
- I’m not changing colorings for season cuz I really like my current one !
- I don’t tag Charli in my videos cuz I want her to see me !
- I am replying to my comment for actives so when I make sure I have good actives without comment I’ll stop using it !
- I don’t listen to hate cause they are jealous !

That’s all thank you for reading my website! Write something about you in my comment section! Bye! 👋