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Hey, hey, hey! My name is Becca and I’m a 25 year old small business owner, and full time mommy. I started a clothing store called Velvet Vintage Store 6 years ago because I wanted to work from home as well as staying home with my little ones. I love to thrift and use my creative side. I’m in love with all things hippy and I’m a free spirited kind of person. This is my personal Blog and I can’t wait to share my story and all things crafty with you!

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My top picks for thrifting would be!

Thrift Store Recommendations

My top recommendation would be your local Salvation Army or Goodwill Store❤️
I would encourage all of you not to be afraid to shop used! This means anything from a Yard Sale to your local second hand shop down the street. Most of everything thing I own is thrifted. I have found new items with tags on them at thrift stores and am able to buy way more since the price is usually more than half off the original price :)

Goodwill Industries

At any Goodwill stores across the US you will find used and new clothing! I love this because you can find vintage trendy pieces as well as the newest modern clothing trending throughout the city

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Salvation Army

One of my favorite Thrift stores is the Salvation Army! I grew up thrifting here and would always go on Wednesday cuz everything was half off! They still do what’s called Wacky Wednesdays where all clothing is half off it’s already cheap ass price! I have found many treasures here and still to this day call it my favorite

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