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Welcome, my friends.
Let me introduce you to myself and my work:

I am Rick, a movie student from Germany. It took me quite some years to find what I really want to do with my life. In the process I tried out a lot of different things.
One of those is making art.
Lately, especially comics.
I also try to sell some of my designs, feel free to check them out! :)


Designs and selected Works

Comic Merch

for AntiDeus

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Coastal Scene from my Webcomic AntiDeus

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Main Charakter Tan and a Cup of delicious CulTea

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Kindness To Those Who Deserve It

Skull and Sigil

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Charakters from unpublished Comic


AntiDeus Title Page


Simple Charakters

Sketches #2

Quick Action Sketches

Athmospheric Scenes

and some gore, I'm sorry


Simple Scenes in Block Colors

Charakter Design

Colored Sketches, Concepts


Webcomic by Patrick E. Cerise

This is the story of a small town, a mysterious murder, belief, a past full of pain, trust and betrayal.
Follow Detective Olivia Cline, consulted by Cultist Tan, as they try to unravel a long lost prophecy.



🚫Please don't use, trace, edit or distribute my work. I'm an artist just starting out and this would be very rude and demotivating. Thank you! ✨



Welcome to Veilton, a cozy old town on the Eastshore. It is predominantly inhabited by Cultists, as this is the place where the prophecy was found. Since a couple of years, all of the Cults are represented and have Cult Halls here. Any and all issues used to be settled between the Cult Leaders.
After an incident the citizens are keeping quiet about, a police department was built. This was only a year ago. Nothing much has happened since then. Police is run mostly by atheists. They have a hard time settling in.

Community Coffee is open almost all day. They serve everything you can imagine in a coffee. You can stay there for hours and enjoy the atmosphere. The baristas are amazingly helpful. Employees are usually younger Cultists. If you are a Cult Member, you get a discount. Come by for a nice chat and a cup of your favourite hot beverage.

What is important to you? Wisdom? Growth? Confidence?
What are you still missing in life? Maybe there is an answer, someone who can look out for you, someone who can give you what you need.
Could be a friend. Could be yourself, even.
Maybe it's one of the the faceless entities that some townsfolk worship.
The world is a warped picture of a mirrage. Don't let anyone tell you what to believe.

The Moon knows your pain. Shout at the darkness. It hears you.
It might not answer in the way you'd expect. Or that you could even comprehend.
Stir in your coffee. Look at the clouds. Think about how bees see colour. Yellow doesn't even exist for humans, really.
Bath in the secret knowledge that's been revealed to you.
Everything will turn out in your favour.

A fresh brew to start a new day. Calmness flows trough your body. Ready to go?
Be sure to cross your I's and... dot your... Teas...? Excuse me, it's very early and I for one haven't had my coffee yet.
Now get out there.

Big House. Big door. Fancy steps. What secrets lie behind these gates of old.
The air smells of incense and oranges.
One step. The ground feels like home. Another step. The windows welcome you.
Up the stairs. The porch light shines upon you. It's already decided to like you.
Whats inside? Come find out.

What is time even? It feels like weeks since I got out of bed. Sometimes it feels like I just woke up.
Hey Friends, how's life? Oh, me? Same same. And never the same. Every day another person inside my body. I wish I could put me in the mashine with my clothes in laundry day. So worn out.
There's a bitter taste in my mouth.
I should go to sleep.

Dark and warm. Red and gold. Home, but also not quite. You're still a stranger.
The marble floor reflects your image, but it doesn't quite look like you.
Behind the doors are whispers, parts of words. This, indeed, is a house full of mysteries.
What hides behind the smiles. They welcome you in.

Have you ever fallen asleep during a lecture? Even if it was about kind of an awesome topic? What if you were holding the lecture, but you were just as tired.
I once sat in a lecture about magic. It was nice. They told us why and how it's real.
Consider staying in school and going to university just for this experience.
Can your eyes percieve the hidden light, the magic all around us?
The Sight Cult will teach you.

The nights are a blur. The air is filled with smells and music. The smoke carries the light.
The stage is open tonight. Someone plays piano. Some guys might get drunk and sing later on. Maybe someone can play guitar.
Order a drink, take a seat, enjoy yourself.
The night is long, the sky is dark and there is nowhere else you have to be.

At night, the thoughts come.

Sirens in the night.
Waiting for something to happen in the dark. Let's see what the moring brings.

Infernal Winter Project

Wordbuilding for an enormous Comic Project

Stay tuned for more Information


Follow Aliz to learn more about this World. He's probably closer to your age than anyone else here.
He'll show you around and explain everything. He's also not shy to ask the questions you may have.


More and more creatures are appearing on earth. They may look human, but they defenitely are not.
Are you cool with them? Do you trust their intentions?


Heya, this is Aliz. I'm gonna write everything that happens down in this notebook they gave me. I'll go talk to people and ask around. If I find out how to get home, that would be sweet. Maybe I'll come across some more interesting stuff. :)

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