Who Am I ? Let’s Connect !

Hi Gang !!
My Name is Loreale, it is nice to virtually meet You 💕. I am a 19 yr old visionary who is consistently chasing after my purpose and goals.

In 2020, We’ve all had time to sit back and reevaluate what it is we see ourselves doing in the near future and I personally have taken the time to do so myself. The biggest goal I am continually trying to fulfill is to be my own boss !

When given the opportunity to be an MP for Modern Nature aka Monat, like anything else unfamiliar I shyed away from the responsibility of trying something new. After months of waiting I finally took it upon myself to walk with faith and begin my process. While doing so I’ve had the chance to connect with such beautiful people who pushes one another everyday toward greatness !

If you’ve made it to this point, I would first like to say Thank You for your interest. Then, I would like to congratulate You for expanding Your mind to something new whether You’re interested in joining the team Yourself and gaining financial freedom or simply transitioning to an ALL VEGAN hair,skin,& wellness line. 🌱

Let’s keep eachother updated on our journey & continue to reach for the stars ! ✨

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