My name is Lori! I’m from a small town called Chico🌳 I’m a new momma to a beautiful baby girl, Alina.💓 Other than being a mom, I enjoy spending most of my time writing, at the gym, with my boyfriend, family, and friends! My goal is to inspire women through my fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog! Join me as I start this new journey!


Lori <3

5 Minute Turkey Salad

Have you ever looked at the clock and realized OH NO, it's lunchtime already!? Well, here is an easy way to make a healthy, quick, and easy salad!

You will need:
Mixed greens
As a dressing I used a squeezed of Lemon! (YUM) and added a sprinkle of sea salt.

My Postpartum Journey

Normally, I don’t go about writing posts like these, but there are many women out there who are going through this and cannot express how they’re feeling. I can’t talk for many women, but for myself it’s been a ruff couple of months. These few past months have been a roller coaster of happiness, love, sadness, frustration, tiredness, confusion, and “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

I still remember the day we were discharged and how nervous/scared I was bringing my little one home. Becoming a mom was one of the best things that has happened to me yet one of the hardest.

Postpartum depression/anxiety is one of the ugliest experience I’ve had to go through. I felt different. I never really thought this would be me talking about PPD. In the beginning, it was so hard to speak up and just talk about it. It took me so long to stop being on denial and I always questioned myself, if I was a great mom, girlfriend, sister, or friend.

If you’re feeling down after having a baby, talk to someone, take some time for yourself. Getting the help that I needed has got me to where I am today, I feel happy, grateful, and blessed! For the days that I feel down or I’m just having an off day, I listen to my podcast, mediate, and take a deep breath and tell myself that I’m doing great!

Lori Corona