©️lori jo code©️

Forever and ever Co-creating


▪️a code manifested over many lifetimes.

▪️a code crafted with pure intention of remembering everything I truly know within, & unlearning the rest.

▪️a code designed with an innerstanding of self as a fractal source SOVEREIGN being, living a human experience.

▪️a code creating and inspiring Rituals and Alchemy infused with beauty and self love.

▪️a code embodying the magic of self healing and the soul expansion and awakening that trauma and conditioning are able to gift.

▪️a code reconfiguring my path & personal truth

▪️a code that represents me, lori jo
as beautiful digital art to share

▪️a code that reminds me always,
the power of . . .

🍃 my soul mission, core values & beliefs

🍃 quantum physics, DNA, birth, inner knowing & soulful right to choice and freedom.

🍃self-love, compassion & boundaries

🍃conscious intentional awareness & action. C.I.A.

🍃soul connections & contracts aligning with abundance for the women I am blessed to co-create with.

🍃mother GAIA, celestial beings, soul family- physical and non, my ancestors, divine protection, timing and the fluid nature of so many things in this now 3D.

🍃vulnerability & fear-
transforming & manipulating this energy consciously to expand to my true self.

🍃telling other humans to get fucked (if it holds space for a healthy boundary, and also if you’re just feeling like be

🍃tools of my universe-
manifesting, journaling, meditation, breathwork, crystals, magik, tarot & oracle, tonics, tinctures, herbs, oils, sunlight & water.

🍃 my ability to see, the beauty in me, in this body & in this life.

🍃 collaboration of all the things I love and make me, the happiest and

🍃observing and responding (not reacting)

🍃 my little people

🍃 gentle movement, nourishment and wellness, blended easily into my days.

and most of all . . .

🍃the power of me.

▪️the lori jo code▪️

Come dance & co-create with me my beauty. . . We’ll unveil your code ©️🖤

Founder & Co-creator of lori jo code

I am lori jo

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